Keep reading and learn how to make homemade ant repellent in three different and simple ways. You can protect your house, kitchen, plants and garden and enjoy of an ant-free area.

One curious thing about ants is that they came out by surprise. Maybe one night a piece of chicken was left on the floor overnight by accident and nothing happened but with a few cookie crumbles you might have an entire army on your floor.

The best thing about a natural homemade ant repellent is that it is totally safe to kids or pets. They are the ones that we tend to protect the most against those little insects. You are free to use this repellent in any room of the house or garden without having to worry about poisonous chemicals.

homemade-ant-repellentHow to Make a Homemade Ant Repellent

We are going to show you three different techniques to make your DIY repellent. Choose the one that fits the best to your situation. Remember that all of the three methods are good to use on the inside or outside.

Make a homemade ant repellent spray mixing 2 cups of water and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. The citric scent disable their tracking sense. If you have already located the opening where the ants come from you can apply directly the lemon juice in that place.

The next one is more a natural way to get rid of the ants more than a repellent. You are going to need a liter of boiling water and dish soap. Mix with a spoon for a couple of minutes. Finally pour the water in the ant colony. This is extremely effective for yards and gardens. Avoid any kind of contact with the hot water.

The last of these homemade repellents is simple chalk. Yes, regular chalk will do the job for you. Draw a line and the ants will never cross it. You can use any kind of chalk. This is by far our favorite repellent as it involves almost no work and it is entirely safe for pets or kids around the house.

We hope you have found the right ant repellent for you in this article. If you already have a small colony of ants around your house, don’t take it lightly. Take actions before things get worse.