Easy DIY Homemade Ant Traps

Learn to make the best and easiest of the homemade ant traps and get rid of your ant problem without being exposed to dangerous chemicals or poisons.

A simple mixture of two ingredients can make natural and safe wonders to protect you from the ant attack.


The ants can become a serious problem if you are not careful enough, they are little but come in really large groups.

They do more than just sting you, they can ruin your food, damage your house and become a danger for your children or pets around the house. These are the ones that you must keep away from poisons at all costs.

If you want to get rid of the ants that you have in your house or you want to prevent them to invade you from a nice reunion or picnic on the outside, then we recommend you to make use of the best homemade ant traps.

This is so easy and safe that even a child can make it, with proper adult supervision of course.

How Do the Homemade Ant Traps Work?

They are a mixture of household materials made to protect you from these little insects without presenting a danger to your health. This trap is one of the easiest to make. You are going to need only two things.

  • Borax based washing detergent.
  • Honey. (This can also be replaced with syrup)

The only thing you need to do to set up your homemade ant trap is to mix 1 tablespoon of each of this material until you obtain a yellow paste.

Then place this paste in a small container. You can use the bottom of a plastic bottle or you can even distribute the paste into several bottle caps and place them away from your house.

These homemade ant traps work as a magnet for the ants making them leave you alone for good. This is by far the easiest way to get rid of the ants.

Maybe you have already heard of this trap, it has also been called homemade ant bait. We can tell you that is very effective. You will become a hero getting rid of the ant problem allowing everybody to breath poison-free air.