Are you tired of dealing with those annoying flies around the house? Well, maybe a couple of homemade fly traps made with recycled materials is the best solution for you.

Of course, there are hundreds of different commercial fly traps in every store or supermarket. But they are filled with chemicals that also affect your body and your family.

Some of them are just messy to deal with such as the flypaper. These are some of the reasons why making homemade fly traps is the best solution for you.

Before we start, there is one thing about flies that you need to know.

This is the key element of our trip and the reason why it works: A fly is attracted to food or a place by its sense of smell, it is about ten million times more powerful than humans.

Recycled Homemade Fly Trapshomemade-fly-traps


    • 2-liter plastic bottle
    • Sugar
    • Water
    • Paper


  1. First, grab the paper sheet and fold it into a pointed cone. Make it as broad as the diameter of the bottle.
  2. Cut a hole of 1 centimeter at the point of the paper cone.
  3. Cut about one-third of the top of the plastic bottle. You can throw out the top, we are not going to need it.
  4. Pour a moderate amount of water into the half bottle and add sugar to it.
  5. Finally, place the paper cone on the bottle, remember the paper and the water must not be in contact.

How the trap works:

You know how a fly can enter from a tiny gap between the door and the wall, but it just can’t seem to find the exit through a big window.

This homemade fly trap works with the bad vision of a fly and its powerful sense of smell.

This trap is going to attract the flies to get inside the bottle but they just won’t figure the way out. Just set it up and place it in the kitchen, garden, near the garbage or anywhere else where you are having the fly problem.

Trap Variation 1

You can set up the same homemade fly traps, but using pieces of fruit instead of sugar.

This will work just the same but I personally don’t like it because of the disgusting smell that it can produce. The important thing about the homemade fly trap is that you forget about all those “side-effects”.

Trap Variation 2

Another thing you can do is simply use the top of the bottle that you have already cut and turn it around. This will be a substitute for your paper cone.

I hope this tutorial about my homemade fly traps has helped you. Can you think of any other way to catch them using other recycled materials? Leave a comment!