Cheap and Easy Homemade Mouse Traps That Work

We bring you two homemade mouse traps that work by using simple things that you already have in your house. Stop your mouse problem today with these traps.

There is one thing that we don’t like and that’s it to needlessly hurt the animals.

If you have the possibility to catch them without killing them then we think is the best course of action.

Besides, if there is a toddler on the house you don’t want him to find some poison around or a dangerous mouse trap that can break his fingers.

Today we are going to show you a couple of homemade mouse traps that work. The first one can be made in just a couple of seconds and is highly effective but it only works with one mouse at a time.

The second one will take you a few minutes to set it up but it will allow you to overcome a possible pest problem in your house. So let’s get started.

Homemade Mouse Traps That Work With Bottles

homemade-mouse-traps-that-work-1First we present you a simple version of a mouse trap that actually works. For this one the only thing you need is a plastic bottle.

It is better to use a 1lt. soda bottle because they are thicker and more resistant. Just follow the steps on the pictures and you will be good to go with this fantastic homemade trap.

  1. Get a plastic bottle and scissors.
  2. Cut the bottle in half.
  3. Cut the neck of the bottle and make cuts in the shape of triangles on the circle. When finished, fold those triangles to the inside.
  4. Place that part inside of the bottom of the bottle that you cut in step 2.

As you can appreciate this trap is really simple to do in just a couple of seconds and it is very similar to some of our homemade fly traps.

The plastic of the bottle can fold letting the mouse in but the spikes won’t let it out.

The only downside about this homemade mouse trap is that a plastic bottle is very light and can fall to the ground before catching the mouse, you will need some good place where it can stand firmly or tape it to the ground.

The Bucket Pest Trap

homemade-mouse-trapsFor this next homemade mouse trap that works, we will need a big bucket, a long piece of wood, a stick and peanut butter.

By simply looking at the picture on top you can get a pretty good idea of what this trap is about. The mouse is supposed to use the piece of wood as a bridge, being attracted by the smell of the peanut butter on the stick that is piercing the bucket.

A couple of these homemade mouse traps and you will be pest free for good.

What we want to accomplish with this homemade trap is to make the mouse fall into the bucket leaving it no possible exit.

This trap also can work with different kind of pests because of its size.

We hope you have found these two homemade mouse traps that work useful for you. Remember that the mice are acting by instinct, they did not decide to invade your house and create a mess.

They are innocent animals and don’t deserve to die for anything. But we need to keep in mind that they are disease carriers that is why we can’t have them around.

Do you know of any other homemade method to catch this kind of pest? Leave a comment and share with the community!