rideshare car rental melbourne

Besides providing a wide range of vehicles for drivers for ridesharing, we also provide them with insurance. We keep 1.5 metre distance at the attendance as per the safety norms. We offer a range of comfortable rideshare-ready pre-2017 hatches and sedans to suit your budget. I loved the micra and the rental cost is so competitive to other companies who charge way more and so many other hidden cost. Search Rentalcars.com next time you’re looking for cheap car hire in Melbourne, Australia. Also, we provide a flexible rideshare rental car service. Rent-to-Drive and Rent-to-Buy options available. We are here to make this ridesharing process simple and hassle-free for you. People are in dire need of more comfortable and affordable transportation options these days. Fido are an official Uber Partner listed on Uber marketplace. Rent Rent to own; Minimum contract: 208 weeks: 6 weeks: 26 weeks: Car ownership: Yes: No: Yes: Finance payment : $203: Maintenance + replacement parts : $52: Rideshare insurance + roadside assistance : $45: Car rego & CTP insurance: $20: Government documents (QLD, VIC & WA) $3: Total weekly payment: $323: $269: $319 Driving Safety Contact Us 1 800 620 408 Will recommend all the time to everyone. Call us on +61 3 9014 9666. Find yourself a great deal from one of our rental car solutions. Uber says you can expect to earn between $35-$40 per hour and will guarantee you this income when you start out. Rent from $189 per week 7-SEATER RENTALS 7-seater rentals enables you to carry even more passengers then the standard rideshare vehicle. If you're a driver looking for car options to ride for ridesharing companies Uber rideshare and Ola rideshare, Vital Rental is the perfect platform for you. A super economical 7 seater, smooth and comfortable to drive, and peace of mind with Toyota reliability. We offer a range vehicles which includes SUVs, compact and mid-size sedans and XL people movers. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. It couldn’t be easier to start as an Uber driver, with our Australia-wide car hire service. All rideshare rental vehicles at Vital Rental are checked and maintained as per the standards of Uber rideshare and Ola rideshare companies. Ultra stylish sedan with excellent fuel economy. You can start and end the contract whenever you want. Adelaide CBD, SA. Rent a car, drive on the rideshare apps, start making money! Minimum 7 Days . Hyundai Tucson Active X 2017. When the Didi rideshare app becomes active in Western Australia your car will be ready to join Didi too. Also, the financial transaction done will be highly secure. Includes the complete scheduled maintenance of all vehicles. It’s easy! Vital Rental gives you an amazing opportunity to make money by driving a rented car Keyz offers a range of rental solutions available for all your rideshare needs. Beyond the expectations. The ultimate ride-share vehicle! You just have to choose the car from our wide range of vehicles, book the car, collect the keys and get started! Best Rideshare Car Rental in Melbourne At Vital Rental, we are making the life of drivers easier by giving the profitable opportunity for rideshare drivers to rent our cars for the purpose of ridesharing. Hi there I work in Federal government. You don't have to worry about the quality of these rideshare rental cars as we have some of the best vehicles with us to cater to the rideshare market. Get on the road with your desired car, but remember to drive safely and responsibly. Great fuel economy. Need a car for Uber? So happy for the service! Fido are an official Uber Marketplace partner. CAR HIRE FOR PRIVATE USE Find rideshare ads in our Rideshare & Travel Partners category from Melbourne Region ... Ready for Uber Ola DIDI rideshare Rent $350 Bond $600 Unlimited Kms and everything included very economical call . Access affordable rideshare-ready rental cars. RIDESHARE CARS FOR YOU Great Rental Car Selection. If you’re looking for a long term rental or short term lease to earn money through ride sharing services such as Uber and DiDi we can help you out. Smooth service, efficient cars, reasonable prices. Grab a Uber rental, and Rideshare - make some money, meet new people, get out and see the city. Our process isn’t like other companies of rideshare rental cars who would ask you to fill lengthy forms. Solutions to access your own car with no credit checks. No need to lock yourself to a 4 or 5 year term with Motofy. RideShare Rentals also carries a $250 one time subscription fee. You don't even have to worry about the insurance and maintenance as that will be completely taken care of by us. We offer a range of sedans, hatches, SUVs, 7 seaters and hybrids. Simply book online and we’ll check rental car availability. Besides providing a wide range of vehicles for drivers for ridesharing, we also provide them with insurance. This is for new customers only. Bond: Equal to one week’s rent. People with spare seats in their car can use the app to advertise their journey and the cost per seat. For complete peace of mind, we offer 24/7 Roadside assistance. This is the right opportunity for drivers if they want to make some quick money off of rideshare rental cars in Melbourne. Zippy compact hatch with excellent fuel economy, easy to drive & boot space for one large suitcase. RideShare Rental provides car rental options for drivers who want to work for Uber, Lyft, or any other delivery service. What’s more, your rental payments could be up to 100% tax deductible. Could only highly commend the director and the staff. All Rights Reserved. This means you can pick up jobs from both apps and boost your earning potential. If you are a rideshare driver looking for a car, we are here for you. Hit the road the happy with a RideLender rental car. Weekly block payments are not prorated. Rent to Own. 15/11/2020. If you have a passion for driving cars or you just want to make a nice income on the side, renting a car can be the best option, both for you and the end-user. There’s no reason not to sign up for our rental program and gain the extra freedom. Our booking process is not at all complicated. Tried every other company I know. The car and the way they people maintain them is really remarkable and on the top of that the management is really helpful. Simply give us a call or request a call back. No Residual or Balloon You can make an offer to purchase your car at the end of your lease and we have been known to accept as little as $1. PRIVATE CAR RENTAL RIDESHARE MELBOURNE | RENTAL CAR PLAN. You won't be bounded by any long term contracts. Only stayed long in Ridelender - 8 months and counting. Regular Car rideshare between Sydney & Canberra. All in all, Vital Rental is your trusted ridesharing partner. Apply Now. Ultra stylish compact sedan with excellent fuel economy. At Vital Rental, we are making the life of drivers easier by giving the profitable opportunity for rideshare drivers to rent our cars for the purpose of ridesharing. A supercool, compact small SUV with all the good things you love in a small car and built for getting around the city. Considering Rideshare to earn extra money. Why rent a car in Melbourne with Rentalcars.com? You’re hassle free now. You can use the calculator below to get an idea of how much you will earn minus expenses. We will replace it something you love at no cost. I was without a car and needed one asap. : bike rides, car sharing or travel companions. Explore from our range of services like Rideshare, Private Car Rental, Commercial Car Rental, Uber & OLA Car Rental, Rent to Own in the state of Victoria & Major cities like Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat & Bendigo. We make rideshare car rental simple, if you’re approved to drive for Uber, Ola or Didi then you’re good to go. Our Low-Emission Green Cars are fuel economical and environment friendly, Not satisfied with the vehicle? $0 joining fee until 31 ... No matter what your needs and budget are, our team are committed to helping you find the right rideshare-ready car. For the entirety of the Rent-To-Own period drivers still benefit from the insurance and mechanical cover offered in standard Rideshare Rental however will be able own the car for just one dollar (plus transfer taxes) at the end of the Rent-To-Own period. From preowned to brand new premium vehicles, we provide rideshare rental car options to drivers in Melbourne who want to work for delivery services like Uber and Ola.

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