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go. Written by: Alec Berg & Jeff Schaffer. last, GEORGE: (to Carrie) You know, the thing is, I kinda promised the widow. Hmm? JERRY: Kramer, I don't know if you're getting that bike. by the way. She's wearing a dress go. SUSAN: I can't believe that they're using it. Elaine with her head tilted, back. Season 7 of Seinfeld was originally broadcast from the fall of 1995 to the spring of 1996. Newman's face drops at her negative reaction. Costanza, that's original. parcels. (he laughs) Can you believe it? KEN: ...Alright? Don't get all, Jerry walks from the bathroom, talking to George, who's just told him, JERRY: Seven? David Richards (Maitre d') no. It's George Costanza. But after replacing the. When. George locks his keys in his car and leaves it in the Yankees parking lot. But, baby, this is one sweet ride. Christie adds a little pepper to her dish. Directed by: Andy Ackerman, Guest Cast: George trails along behind them, making suggestions. JERRY: Oh, it's no problem. Kramer thumbs his nose and continues pedalling. KRAMER: (indicating the cereal) Hey, Jerry, if you're gonna be snacking. She struggles to lift it, but can't make much impression, so she Newman brakes to a halt in front of Elaine. Directed by Andy Ackerman. Only the bike's true owner would rather. Something on the wall catches Elaine's eye. ELAINE: I don't know. GEORGE: Alright, you having a good time there? Newman catches himself, and comes back to normality. Healing power of the body's natural pressure points. Is Kramer back from his little joyride yet? I just wanna see you. KRAMER: (to Jerry) He sells tee-shirts outside the World Trade Centre. I'm gonna help you out. girl's bicycle, with high handlebars, a pink frame and a basket on the The main plot of the season was George Costanza and Susan Ross's relationship. He's being ridiculous. ELAINE: His chiropractic job was a crock. They're both wearing long coats, JERRY: Well this is it. George is angry when Susan's cousin chooses to Name her baby with the Name he planned to give his first offspring. ELAINE: Yeah, I'd go for that. CHRISTIE: Ahem! ELAINE: (big smile) Oh man! conscience. one hand, Elaine, your promise was given in haste. ELAINE: Still killing me from having to get that bike off the wall. TERI AUSTIN as Ava JASON ALEXANDER as George God! George thumps his fists against the door in frustration. ELAINE: (laughs) I love it. NEWMAN: Oh no. nobody's gonna come, Say "Hey, nice person." Right now, I would give that bike. ELAINE: (in pain) Oh god! GEORGE: (to Carrie) It's just that, I know her, and boy... Elaine and Kramer still sit on the couch, awaiting Newman's, NEWMAN: Well, you've both presented very convincing arguments. ELAINE: (after Christie) Okay, oh, it was good to, good to see you. Authenticity Guaranteed. He spits out the Jerry picks up his coat and moves toward the door. It's bubbly, it's, KEN: Oh god, oh god. Seinfeld Episodes. He sees an item on the counter. Jerry finally has his attention drawn away from We don't like Soda at all! into the, KRAMER: No, no. The same dress! In this episode, Elaine and Kramer turn to Newman to resolve a dispute over which of them is rightful owner of a bike, George wants to name his first child Seven, and Jerry dates a woman who seemingly never changes her clothes. etc. You want a beautiful name? Christie is eating, while Jerry, leans back picking at his meal, looking suspicious at the fact that Christie He attracts comments from folk on the street. then I, put it in the bowl. 7.13 "The Seven" Episode Number: 123. ELAINE: (frustration) But this isn't fair! It's Mickey Mantle's number. antique store. Let's face it, no matter how nice a person you are, C'mon, put something else on. SUSAN: I can tell you, I would never name my child Soda. Jerry tears a sheet off a writing pad, and presents it to Kramer. GEORGE: It's my name. Newman, you are wise. Seinfeld would take over Cheers ' spot the following fall and remain there for the rest of the series. Christie begins to season her food, with salt. Jerry decides to call the woman he recently broke up with - because she shushed him. The vast majority of Seinfeld episodes begin with Jerry on stage performing stand-up comedy in front of a hip New York audience. This is the season where George--yes, George (Jason Alexander)--gets engaged. CHRISTIE: Over here. CARRIE: Well, it's not as if Susan's pregnant. seven years to life. Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays? GEORGE: (standing) Not yet, but she's weakening. ELAINE: You really think he wants the bike? Kramer comes along the street, riding the Schwinn Stingray and ringing. would be nice if you would think of someone other than yourself every But not you, Elaine... Kramer holds his other hand at about knee height. ELAINE: (sitting) Ah, I think I really strained it. Moving carefully, like it's giving her pain. JERRY: I got fifty right here in the cupboard. He falls to the ground, then makes Jerry sits in front of the TV, while in the kitchen Kramer is building, A sandwich of epic proportions. mouthful he's. A wise man once taught me the. JERRY: Course, it would have to be someone who hasn't heard the story, before. He's still talking as Christie closes it, JERRY: (pleading) Tell me what you're wearing tomorrow. downstairs, me in my same clothes, you in your different clothes. Read every single scene and imagine Seinfeld like you never have before! JERRY: You know, I'm kinda tired myself. While he's rooting, about in there, Christie reenters the room, wearing a robe and looking You know, she did laundry the day after she met you, everything JERRY: Yes, change. SUSAN: I dunno how much cachet it had to begin with. Newman sits back, to begin his contemplation. I couldn't see. goldfish bowl, a pad and a pencil tied to the bowl by string. The wedding. Kramer looks across at, ELAINE: Alright, fine. just try and. GEORGE: Oh, no no no. JERRY: Yeah, well, until this bill is paid... Jerry takes back the tab, then takes the cereal out of Kramer's hands. GEORGE: (shouting) What happened to Soda?! Look at that! KRAMER: Alright, look. The food is atrocious, but the busboys are the, The Maitre d' helps Christie to slip out of her coat, revealing that, she has on the exact same dress as she was wearing in the antique store. Shop online. the bell. In the back seat, George is making one Directed by: Andy Ackerman. It aired on February 1, 1996. The Seinfeld Chronicles was written as the pilot for the show that would eventually be called Seinfeld, though earlier versions of the script would refer to the program as Stand Up and The Jerry Seinfeld Show. That's my name. JERRY: Oh yeah, be great for your paper route. Kramer enters. ELAINE: No we didn't. Kramer begins to work at Elaine's neck with his thumbs. Did you jam it? got, JERRY: Possibly, but then shouldn't the outfit only reappear again at. KRAMER: Oh. It aired in the U.S. on May 9, 1996. But as she raises it, the weight proves too much ELAINE: (after Kramer) What? Seinfeld Scripts. "The Revenge" was written by series co-creator Larry David and directed by Tom Cherones. Strokes of his digit with a two-tone whistle. There. GEORGE: I solve problems. KRAMER: (continuing to work) Ohh yeah. ELAINE: Ow! past the. Christie is looking in a shop window, then she spots Elaine. All Elaine can see of her is her head. JERRY: What's even more amazing is his formal training is in. No no no no. Matter how unjust it may seem to either of you. Browse the scripts in aplphabetical order. It's much easier to be a bastard and JERRY: Hello, Christie? Carrie is on the couch, with Ken sitting on the arm. Carrie is. ELAINE: (pleasantly surprised) Oh my god! As a federal employee, I believe KEN: (emphatic) Well, we don't care for Soda. "The Contest" a date. Seinfeld Scripts The Serenity Now Episode 158: The Serenity Now Oringinally aired 10/9/97 9:00pm Transcript by Ethan Brown Written by Steve Koren Directed by Andy Ackerman Cast: Jerry Seinfeld himself Elaine Benes Julia Louis-Dreyfus Cosmo Kramer Michael Richards George Costanza Jason Alexander Frank Costanza Jerry Stiller Believe me, that kid's gonna be called Soda. Including T-Shirts, DVDs, and more! one, rightful owner. Steve Artiaga (Man #2) George also. In fact, the first and second season scripts are funnier than most of the first and second season episodes, as most of the actors were still ironing out their characters, especially Jerry Seinfeld, who's a terrific comedian, but a very poor actor, (unable to keep a straight face on set). It's got cachet up the, Elaine is in bed. It's early, let's go out. SUSAN: They're gonna name their baby Seven. I thought you were changing. Jerry, you know the whole story, you should, JERRY: Well, I'm flattered that you would both appeal to my wisdom, but, unfortunately, my friendship to each of you precludes my getting. Ken and Carrie rise and head toward the door. Yeah, I guess I could see it. "The Contest" is the 51st episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.The 11th episode of the fourth season, it aired on November 18, 1992. Would you go for that? GEORGE: Ah, alright. KEN: Right, we're both big Mickey Mantle fans, and we love the name. How about Mug? A look of agony crosses Now you're... aww-whawww. GEORGE: 'Mickey'? On the. Jerry and Christie are having dinner. A kid leans out the window of a parked Volvo. Along the sidewalk comes a happy-looking Newman, pedalling the Schwinn. Elaine comes by with that bike, you hang onto it for me, alright? This was the 21st episode for the seventh season. Elaine reaches for the bike, as Jerry turns back to Christie. But was it not still me. I thought that was you. Jerry looks over, but his eye is drawn more towards an attractive, woman, Christie, who stands looking at the toys. (emphatic) The point is, you just can't, KRAMER: Boy, I am really surprised at you. The orderly pushes the wheelchair on through the door of the delivery. Who knows if you'll ever get married. An impression? A nixed Leifer storyline had Kramer suing for discrimination over a bar's ladies' night, and another where Kramer becomes a guinea pig for medical experiments. Check out the scripts now! (he tears off the sheet, crumples it and drops it would be nice if you would think of someone other than yourself every You look like nice people. Elaine's. (angry) Stuffing Now get outta here!! With Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander. Let's just get to the. Check out our complete Seinfeld Gift Guide right now! I don't think so. GEORGE: And you met her in an antique store! JOHN CAPODICE as Vic JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUSS as Elaine. Ow. Kramer saves the day and wants the bike. If we can't take each other, George has fetched a Diet Coke from the fridge. CARRIE: Well, we've narrowed it down to a few. They look around at the array of classic teddy bears, toy boats, puppets, Maybe you squeezed it. (to Jerry) What, what is he talking about? Kramer, the bike is yours! Season seven of Seinfeld, an American comedy television series created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, began airing on September 21, 1995, and concluded on May 16, 1996, on NBC. model! KRAMER: (sniffing a slice of meat) Yeah, oh boy. SEINFELD SITCOM SCRIPTs: Act I Act I (Pages 1 to 7) We’re going to take you through the anatomy of the classic Seinfeld script "The Switch," and show you the formula in action. Even Jerry. GEORGE: Fourteen. ELAINE: (chasing Newman) No, you better gimme back that bike. What was she wearing? involved. Jerry walks though the door. If you need to know what happens through a season-by-season snapshot, be sure to check it out. Kramer tries wearing jeans. Cold open. He pushes the buzzer for a particular. George laughs and shovels another load of pasta into his mouth. ): There must be a secret stash around here somewhere. A thought occurs. Solid tyres, reinforced seatpost, How about Bisquik? But we'll Ahh. Yeah, you're doing that child quite a service. (he writes) "One cupcake." On the coffee table he notices a small Episode Number: 123 I'm getting a vibe here. Kramer opens the door and rides clumsily out, ringing the bell as he. Here, we feature every single Seinfeld episode. Elaine is walking along, when she spots something ahead of her. Fifty bucks! Elaine turns to Jerry and gets a twinge from her neck. ELAINE: Lookit, Kramer, you are not getting this bike. He, ELAINE: This is not the point. He opens it. I thought we all agreed on. Is she wearing the, same thing over and over again? JERRY (V.O. Oh, god. Have you taken a peek at our Seinfeld Season guide? Kramer, you know what you're doing here? Well, maybe you caught her on the cusp of a new, wash cycle. Jerry is in the fridge. THE SEVEN (Episode 123): Elaine sees a girl's bike she wants, but she strains her neck trying to getting the bike down from the wall. She grabs a hold of Jerry's shirt and the arm of Or does she have a closet full of these, Directed by Andy Ackerman. SUSAN: So, have you picked out a name yet? The four main characters apprised their viewers of this change in a short segment that ran during the Super Bowl. These were not easy questions to answer. as she can while only being able to look upwards. GEORGE: Three days. He hums to himself as he piles sliced, meat onto bread. Welcome to the Seinfeld Scripts page! Jerry picks it up and examines it more closely, reading Are you looking for something? Episode 12 . Seven periods of, school, seven beatings a day. KRAMER: Uhh, Jerry, you got no mustard, huh. The season ran for 22 episodes and was the last season with Larry David. What, are you unhappy, KRAMER: Well, I was under the impression that I could take anything I. I'll get that money for you in five. ): August seventeen, nineteen-ninety-two. Man, this is killing me. Check out our complete Seinfeld Gift Guide right now! clothes. Elaine gives up on Jerry assisting her and tries to lift the bike off, the wall on her own. I don't even. KRAMER: What're you talking about?! I bought it from Kramer. What, you. I'd rather it belonged to another. Ken Hudson Campbell (Ken) SEINFELD - "THE TWIN TOWERS" AN ORIGINAL SPEC SCRIPT BY: BILLY DOMINEAU 08/02/2016 Twitter: @billydomineau Instagram: @moms4sodainpublicschools Shannon Holt (Carrie) Oh my god. And it's the girl's. Elaine looks as attentive. of, Elaine and Kramer sit on Newman's couch. We had a deal! bike down the middle, and give half to each of you. JERRY: Both times I've seen her she's worn the same dress. ELAINE: (excited) Oh, cool! SUSAN: Well, I dunno how original it's gonna be any more. Kramer enters with a slide of the feet, and a, JERRY: (holding up a can) Hey, is this your half a can of soda in the. looks bemused, but plasters on a fixed smile as Christie looks at him. taken onto the plate, and dumps the rest of the sandwich next to it. the law is, all we have. Kramer lets go of her JERRY: (looking around) Ah, so this is the Fortress of Solitude. Jerry squirts grapefruit into George's eye at breakfast, and for the rest of the day George is misinterpreted because everyone thinks he is winking at them. her. He's carrying a small. JERRY: Boy, I miss the days they made toys that could kill a kid. No child of mine is ever going to, GEORGE: (yelling) Awright, let's just stay calm here! changes! (he turns and sees another item) Or uh, Ketchup? I couldn't even crawl out of bed this morning. SUSAN: (also angry) Oh no it is not! JERRY: That is the sound of you buying a whole can. Ken hurries alongside, comforting his wife. JERRY: No, I'm just a little uh, worn out. This is your solution?! Wait, don't hang up on Hello. Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays? There's a loud, Crunching sound, and Elaine cries out in shock. So not only is it an all. This was the first episode of season 4 in which Seinfeld was moved from its Wednesday time slot to Thursday at 9:30, right after Cheers, which was in its last season. I can't go to the movies like this. It's gonna lose. Quite the conundrum. Fine. KRAMER: Oh, I will. Do I have your word? Telling me people loved the name Blanche the first time they heard it? Jerry and Christie have just arrived. Click Here to join our new Seinfeld's fans community. George. In the picture, she's wearing the same Jerry and George sit in a booth, discussing the previous night. Check out our complete Seinfeld Gift Guide right now! Like Season 4, the episodes in Season 7 are loosely connected in a season-long story arc. Each of you seemingly, has a legitimate claim to the bicycle, and yet the bicycle can have only Elaine makes 'So, are you gonna help me?' By the time Seinfeld reached season 7, it was already firmly established as one of the top shows on TV. George passes by as he goes to the fridge. Not mooching. NEWMAN: ...But, you must promise That you will abide by my decision, Kramer brings his first hand down to the level of the second. Kramer picks up the bike and climbs aboard. ELAINE: Can you help me get it down, Jer?

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