Learn how to make effective homemade roach traps for free in under two minutes! You read that right! Get rid of your roach problem overnight with this simple but extremely effective trap.


The cockroaches are probably the most common pest in houses, along with mouses. They are one terrible thing to have.

The roaches carry illnesses, they ruin your food, your clothes and are a latent fear in a lot of people. They leave eggs anywhere and waking up because of a roach climbing your leg is one of the worst feelings ever.

So how can you get rid of them in a simple and effective way? Well, probably you have heard of a lot of different poisons to kill them, to get rid of them on contact.

The problem, besides the toxic chemicals that are being used in a poison can, is that we want to prevent the cockroaches from appearing. Not to kill them after we spot them.

We want a way to keep them away from our houses and from sight. This is possible with a couple of homemade roach traps.

Is It Expensive to Make Homemade Roach Traps?

Not at all! You probably won’t spend a dime creating these effective traps. You are not going to use any kind of poison and they are entirely safe if you happen to have children or pets around your house.

Here are the things you are going to need:

  1. A plastic container or a jar.
  2. Something slippery substance, such as petrol oil, vegetable oil, butter, etc
  3. Water.

The only thing you need to do to set up these homemade cockroach traps is to cover the inner walls of the jar or plastic container with the slippery substance, then fill them to the half of the capacity with water and that’s it.

Yes, that is all it takes to get rid of your roach problems.

When the cockroaches look down the trap to drink water, they slip on the edge of the jar or container. Then the slippery substance makes it impossible for them to go back up, drowning them.

Just place the homemade roach traps around the house overnight. In the morning you will be able to see the awesome results.

A simple warning before we finish: Remember that some of the cockroaches might be still alive in the morning. Be careful when recovering the container and dispose of it in a proper way.