Here you will find the truth about the Liquid Fence Dog and Cat Repellent, a product by Lowes made to keep away pets from certain places.

liquid-fence-dog-cat-repellentThere are some places in our house that you want to protect from cats and dogs such as lawns, gardens, trash cans or trees.

You can train your pet to stay away from these, the problem is that it is impossible to train all the animals in the neighborhood.

Building a wooden fence is an expensive choice that will consume your time and probably take off the attractive from your lawn.

You would be better off by making your own homemade repellent for dogs and cats to keep them away from your furniture.

This is why Lowes created this Liquid Fence repellent to keep dogs and cats away from those places.

This is a biodegradable product made with only natural ingredients so it does not harm the animals that you try to repel.

Does the Liquid Fence Dog and Cat Repellent Really Work?

The truth is that this product just does not fulfill its purpose. It has been criticized in a lot of websites and forums and labeled as useless.


It does have an unusual scent, the problem is that most dogs and cats find this new smell interesting attracting even more of them to the place you wanted to protect.

Once the animal crossed the liquid fence, it just forgets about it and moves on. It does not have enough strength to make them run away from your property.

In this website, we like to promote natural and chemical-free products that you can use to keep your house safe and also giving you a heads up when a product does not meet the standards.