We have a tutorial on how to make the best homemade moth traps using nothing but household materials. Say goodbye to these flying insects in a safe and cheap way with one of our effective traps.


Moths are flying insects, the average is pretty small and resembles a gray butterfly. They have a cover of “dust” that covers them and may stain the surfaces touched by them.

These insects love to feed on the silk of your clothes. The main danger that moths cause in a house is the damage to the winter clothes.

When the season changes come, we switch our wardrobes from summer to winter and conversely. While our clothes are stored in a probably dark and humid place.

They create the perfect atmosphere for the reproduction and dinner for these insects.

How Effective Are the Homemade Moth Traps?

We can assure you that the homemade moth traps that you can make with our tutorial are top quality, easy to assemble and entirely reusable.

They are so effective that can help you to get rid of your moth problem in just a couple of nights.

It would be a nice idea to build one with your relatives or neighbors and then pass it around. In just a pair of weeks, everybody will forget about those clothe-eating insects.

If you already have a problem with these insects or you want to prevent it we recommend you to gather some of your household materials and start making some of these homemade moth traps.

These traps are made to attract the moths to the inside and keep them there. Then you can decide what to do with them if you don’t want to kill them.

There are people who prefer to only use poison but this involves danger to your health and damages your clothes.

There are also people who suffer from mottephobia, this is the fear of moths and prevents them from getting closer to the insects. This is the case where the use of a trap works like a charm for them.