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($.75-$4/sq. 2.3 Do You Want a Hardwood Basement? Get ideas to help you design and build built-in bookshelves to add more beautiful and functional storage to your room. Like ThermalDry® basement flooring, our ThermalDry® basement floor matting features the same PVC tile construction for exceptional durability and immunity to moisture damage. Even with thin carpet and padding, this type of flooring will cause you to turn up the thermostat more to reach the desired temperature. Weight each tile weighs approximately 1.88 lbs. If you’re looking for a fastening tool for your next project, read our review of the best nail guns on Amazon to learn about a model that can fit your needs. Get the latest This Old House news, trusted tips, tricks, and DIY Smarts projects from our experts–straight to your inbox. Feb 15, 2020 - Explore Marissa Mazza's board "Tile basement floor" on Pinterest. Tile floors are not for the faint of heart or casual DIY fan. Next, let’s talk about the floating floor option. So, what is the best flooring for basements? Once you get these questions answered, you will be on your way. As I have covered in other blogs regarding the construction of engineered floors, they are made of plys of wood. Anytime I hear someone ask a question that starts with “best,” it scares me! Turtle Bay Floors. Tile. Should you put solid wood on your concrete slab? Both can be devastating to a solid wood floor, or even a low-end, cheaply made engineered floor. The newer floating vinyl floors are inexpensive, click together for easy installation, and virtually indestructible. Pick the right tile. A variegated color means it will hardly ever look unkempt, while the hand scraped surface means any damage it takes will hide among the other surface variations. First, are there any moisture issues, or is there potential for moisture issues? Your mileage will vary I’m sure. ($2-$7/sq. Look for an underlayment that is made from synthetic fiber or a sponge rubber material. Basement Subfloor Interlocking Tiles work as an underlayment for your next basement floor project. Tom is the Host, Founder and Chief Home Improvement Evangelist of The Money Pit. No matter what type of basement flooring you choose, make sure to first fix any problems in the original concrete floor. … A cold floor may be tolerable in space that’s used as a workshop or workout room. Stained concrete would be a better option than laminate flooring. However, we know all too well how home improvement projects can take longer than planned. ($4-$7/sq.ft. I also want to know I can replace the floor after it’s seen 20 years of wear. This kind of damage should be repaired before any new basement flooring is installed. Talk about a loaded question! Radiant heat asks for a thin carpet, as well. Our second question was about your bottom floor usage. ThermalDry® Basement Floor Tiles create a vapor barrier between your concrete basement floor and your finished basement area, with space for air to move underneath the tiles and for moisture to dry. 2.2 What Do You Want From Your basement? Just make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for safety issues. ft. for sheet rubber in rolls): You’ve probably seen this resilient flooring in health clubs and gyms. Tankless Water Heaters: What You Need to Know Before You Buy. Secondly, is your basement an extension of your main living space, or a dungeon that is perfect for sugared-up kids, or somewhere in between? Each subfloor tile overlaps and blocks moisture. Carpet Tiles as Basement Flooring. Basements & Crawlspaces Floors Q & A. Manufactured in planks with interlocking edges, basement-suitable engineered wood flooring comes with a durable, factory-applied finish. If you want a tile floor that isn’t cold underfoot, put down a basement subfloor before you install your tile. Even though the best basement floor is a subjective idea, we still want to answer this question with the general population in mind. Stability is essential when floors tackle moisture or direct sunlight. Another issue that needs to be addressed here is the stability of your floor. ft.): This basement flooring option offers great value for the money. Tired of running out of hot water? Recommended uses softwood tiles have been used successfully as basement flooring, trade show flooring, exhibit flooring, retail display flooring, living areas, conventions, or any other location where an elegant yet cushioning flooring … Glass wall tiles will add unique detail, color and charm to your walls. Vinyl Plank Flooring/Vinyl Tile Flooring. Greatmats interlocking carpet tiles are easy to instal in your home and come in various sizes. for paint and finishing supplies) The least-expensive finished floor option is also the most DIY-friendly. Because it is expensive! LVP is waterproof, durable, and relatively inexpensive. In comparison to other flooring, floor tiles with a vapor barrier are priced affordably, customizable in texture and appearance, and are quite easy to install in your basement. The important thing here is to choose a paint formulated for concrete floors, and carefully follow the instructions on the can pertaining to surface prep, application, and drying time. But this direct installation will result in a floor that’s cold underfoot. Many of our customers install luxury vinyl plank themselves because floating a floor is so simple. Basement floor heating will emit enough warmth that you can choose any flooring material you want. ): If you’re aiming for a high-end finished basement room with the look and feel of real wood flooring, there’s good news. Another issue that needs to be addressed here is the stability of your floor. Finally, a hassel-free basement floor. Open all windows and use fans to circulate humid air out of the space. Engineered hardwood is the only hardwood option that can last for years to come in a basement. Carpet is the type of flooring than can range from 1/8 inch thick to 1-inch thick made of different materials. Ceramic tile is a viable option for basement flooring, although it has some drawbacks. While the addition of aluminum oxide will run the price of a floor up another 50 cents to a dollar, I can assure you it will lengthen the lifetime of your basement floor due to increased scratch and abrasion resistance. Carpet tiles are typically thin and can be easily replaced if you run into a moisture accident in the basement. From Bare-Bones Basement to Comfortable Family Hangout, A Second Chance: From Raw Basement to Family Room. 2.3 Do You Want a Hardwood Basement? Tile plank floors, ceramic or porcelain tiles. Why? 2.5 What are My Floating Floor Options? Tiles can be selected to resemble a number of stones (e.g., marble, limestone, slate), and can also be carpet material. It’s hard to believe I don’t know everything! ($.50-$25/sq. Many basement flooring materials–like paint, epoxy, tile, and rubber flooring, for example—can go down directly over the basement’s original poured concrete floor, as long as the concrete is in good condition. Most carpet has thin padding beneath it to insulate the floor. It is simple enough to remove, but ripping up a floor and laying it back down every few years isn’t my idea of a fun vacation! The benefit of rolled rubber basement flooring is that you can get them cut to custom lengths of your specification. Carpet padding is often 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick. Was basement molding a problem during the life of the home? Think kitchen backsplash, basement walls, bathroom shower, or accent walls. Send them to the basement! Perfect for a wet basement. Will they last longer than their lower ply counterparts in every situation? For the best appearance (and a warmer finished floor), this flooring should be installed over a subfloor. 2.6 Will your Basement Floors See Action? Shop all our products to find a great basement floor today. This flooring can be made to look like different wood species, or to resemble ceramic tile. (You can unsubscribe anytime). You will want to consider installing a moisture barrier if you are interested in putting this down on your floor. Not only are the commercial carpet tiles offered, but so are residential products now. 3.1 Radiant Heat Application for Vinyl Plank, 4.1 Radiant Heat Application for Carpet Tiles, 5.1 Radiant Heat Application for Ceramic Tile, “what is luxury vinyl plank flooring?” post, Shop all our products to find a great basement floor today, Top 5 Things to Know About Cheap Laminate Wood Flooring, 3 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Purchase Hardwood Floors, 5 Tips on How to Clean Engineered Wood Flooring, What You Need to Know About Moisture Testing and Acclimating Hardwood Floors, Top 4 Things to Know When Installing Engineered Hardwood Flooring, What You Need to Know About Tongue and Groove Flooring Installation. The following questions below should be raised about moisture levels, home maintenance history, and the DIY friendly float installation options. Carpet is a traditional floor that accepts the energy-efficient and cozy radiant heating solution. While solid wood flooring isn’t suitable for use in basements, some types of engineered wood flooring will work just fine. Ceramic tile is not only a thin floor that allows heat to pass through easily, but it conducts heat. Tile isn’t as nearly durable as hardwood or luxury vinyl. Different brands of subfloor tiles are available that include a drainage space for any moisture on the concrete, rigid foam insulation, and a composite surface that serves as the substrate for finished flooring. It is at this point that the question of what is the best floor to install in your basement becomes more easily answered. Whether you pick wood or even tile flooring, the floor-heating system will keep your feet and the rest of the space feeling comfortably warm. There are 2 big questions to ask when we are helping a customer select a basement floor. Some of the basement waterproofing companies offer floating, interlocking flooring tiles come in different finishes, such vinyl and carpet. It is a more creative option than laying carpet. SnapStone floating porcelain tiles installation doesn't require mortar, adhesive or special underlayment. The sand adds texture, while the flakes add both texture and color. Sheet vinyl has another limitation as well: Roughness or irregularities in the basement’s concrete floor are likely to show through in the vinyl floor. Both materials are available with different textured patterns, and in a limited range of colors. Finally, if you are not totally set on using the luxury vinyl plank, you can review more ideas for basement flooring products here. ft. for tiles, and $1-$5/sq. ThermalDry® floors provide your basement a water resistant and durable, long-lasting solution for flooring. But before you go for this option, think about how you’ll maneuver that big roll into the basement, cut it to size, and fit it accurately between walls. Luxury vinyl plank can work with radiant heat installed in your concrete basement. Prices given below are for materials, and don’t include professional installation. I want to save you the headache. Carpet tiles can be a good choice if you have a very uneven concrete floor or uneven subfloor in the basement. Stained Concrete. 2.4 How Does Basement Hardwood Fight Against Moisture? Somerset Engineered Hardwood Cross Section. Tile flooring is an ideal option for basements because it's both durable and waterproof. What is the Best Basement Floor? It seems like the most common uses for basements are for storage or a place to send the kids when a parent lacks the energy or will to enforce a civilized rule. These features offer a one-size-fits-all option to lay on a concrete basement floor. Avoid glass or peel and stick vinyl tiles. Installing a vinyl tile or vinyl plank floor is easier than installing sheet vinyl, and any damage to the floor can be repaired easily, simply by replacing a tile or two. Most types have a thickness of ½” or less. Cheap carpet padding can be made from rubber and leak out a chemically charged fluid under your carpet. Upon arrival, the kids quickly assume the behavior of a frat party at an Airbnb. Create a focal point or feature wall in any room with wall tiles arranged in interesting patterns or color. Oh…and waterproof. These are nice because if they attract a stain or two, you can replace the individual tiles instead of the whole floor. See more ideas about basement flooring, porcelain flooring, flooring. We talk about COREtec’s aluminum oxide wear layer options in our COREtec flooring blog as well. You may want your lower level to match the design of your living room. Notice the part called the balancing layer? ModuTile has various style options that will fit your basement … We will talk about these options and more in our video and our continued post below. Engineered hardwood flooring is another option for those who want a beautiful hardwood floor look in their basement. So your tile will heat up quickly and retain heat long after the system turns off. About Tom Kraeutler. Saving money on the installation cost of a basement floor is something to ponder on as well. If low cost is a big priority and if you just plan to use your basement space as a workshop or workout room, paint may be your best choice. Usually, basements require the use of an engineered hardwood floor, if you are looking to put down hardwood. Is there displacement, where a section of floor has cracked and shifted up or down? 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Stain for Hardwood Floors. Cupped Hardwood Floor From Moisture Damage. While we do not offer carpet tiles, you can see a wide selection of the tiles provided by Shaw Industries at any Shaw dealer. We recommend luxury vinyl plank for most people. Carpet tiles, or squares, are another popular option for basement floors. A dehumidifier can also be used to remove lingering moisture in the air. With a moisture barrier (also known as a vapor barrier), you will be good to go! Not to keep harping about the same thing over and over, but the most crucial part of choosing a basement floor is knowing what you want and what your home will need. Don’t forget, most engineered floors can be floated. When is the Best Time to Install Hardwood Floors? Watch for its Kryptonite! LVP won’t carry any risk of expansion. You don’t have to go with carpet to add warmth to the room. 99 Floor preparation and setting materials are the cause of the majority of ceramic or porcelain tile floor failures. We have a video on your flooring options for this particular area in your home. One obstacle to a floor installation is a moisture issue that needs to be fixed. As a general rule, the more plys in an engineered board, the more stable that floor will be. Floating tile floors are designed to install directly over most existing well-bonded vinyl floors, wood floor, concrete floor, vinyl tile, plywood or OSB subfloors with little or no additional floor preparation. The basement floor tiles are designed to interlock using a loop-to-peg system and can be assembled without messy chemicals, glues, grouting or nails. They are designed to float directly on top of your basement concrete. 2.4 How Does Basement Hardwood Fight Against Moisture? ($.50-$25/sq. Unlike Laminate & Linoleum Vinyl is waterproof. Carpet tiles as we mention below can be considered a floating floor. Luxury Vinyl Plank is the King 3.1 Radiant Heat Application for Vinyl Plank 3.2 Stability of your Floor 4. Luxury Vinyl Plank, or LVP, is easily the best choice if your floor needs to withstand years of hard usage. It’s also a great choice for a playroom or laundry room–mainly because it’s durable, waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to keep clean. Make sure you buy some replacement tiles when you make the purchase. Interlocking rubber tiles are easy for homeowners to install, they can go down directly over concrete or over a subfloor. Watch for its Kryptonite! Better yet: Most basement flooring materials are DIY-friendly. If there are cracks or rough-surfaced areas, these will have to be repaired before tile can be installed. 2. A properly installed subfloor will create a flat, insulated substrate for the finished floor of your choice, ensuring more warmth underfoot. Although the product is waterproof, if moisture gets underneath the tiles, mold can begin to grow underneath the tile. Tom Silva demonstrates how to hang a pegboard in a garage or workshop and organize tools with it.

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