how to dry comfrey leaves

Roughly chop the leaves and put them in a wide mouth mason jar. Then, boil water and place enough leaf powder to produce a paste. Comfrey tea may help speed the healing of minor skin wounds because comfrey roots and leaves contain a chemical compound called allantoin that may stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Comfrey leaves (at least 3-4) Water; Blender, food processor or immersion blender; A good knife; Parchment paper . Drinking this tea may also be useful for healing burns, bed sores, insect bites and rashes. Pick fresh comfrey leaves. Apply the hot paste mixture to the affected area and follow the steps above in applying comfrey poultice. The process of soaking fresh Comfrey Leaves in olive oil for 24 hours allows for permeation of the oil, and when you compress as much as the resulting liquid from the mixture, that increases the amount of Allontoin in your salve. Once dry, you can crumble the leaves and store in an air tight container. Comfrey is known for its healing qualities. After preparing, add a comfrey infusion to your bath for sore muscles. By comparison, horse manure contains about 14% while fresh and 2.3% composted. The leaves of this plant have been in use for thousands of years, both in Chinese traditional medicine and dating as far back as the ancient Greeks. Once you have the comfrey leaves, rinse them off under cool water. To add comfrey to your compost, harvest the leaves and toss them in your green layer. If you want to sterilize it, dip it in boiling water, then let it cool and apply to minor wound. Add 1/4 – 1/2 C. water, and a small amount (tsp) of arrowroot flour or all purpose flour to thicken up the mixture. Inci: Symphytum spp. To make Comfrey oil you will need both almond oil and Comfrey leaves that are dried. Dried Comfrey Leaves (Photo: K. Anderberg 2005) Because of its healing properties and the Velcro-like hairs, you can use a comfrey leaf just like a bandaid. I use the dried comfrey leaves steadily over the winter as a feed supplement for the hens. Let the microorganisms break it down and mix in the nutrients. Take one ounce of dried comfrey leaves and put it into the canning jar before filling the jar with boiling water. Secondly, comfrey leaves shouldn’t be touching when they dry. Stir the oil and leaves daily for 2 weeks. Once you pull 5-6 comfrey leaves, rinse under cool water and pat dry. Take 3-4 tablespoons of comfrey root powder (root powder works much better than comfrey leaves as there are more alkaloids inside the root) Put comfrey root powder into a small bowl. 97 ($7.49/Fl Oz) Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13 When they are all dry I just rip the leaves off and put them in a 5 gallon bucket until I can do something with them. The amount of leaves you pick will determine how large the poultice will be. Loose, fine herbs like yarrow and mint will dry more quickly than moisture-filled herbs like plantain or comfrey… Firstly, be tender handling your comfrey leaves as they bruise quite easily. The slower method involves packing a glass jar with comfrey leaves and then pouring oil over them. Again, browning rather than greening when dry. Harvesting comfrey leaves. Comfrey is now believed to cause liver problems, however, and internal use is not recommended. However, it is important Comfrey leaves are not boiled. They will keep like this for months. If you are using a blender or food processor, tear the leaves into smaller pieces and add a bit of water to the machine to make the pulverizing of the leaves easier on the machine. It is often grown in medicinal gardens or for use as a natural fertilizer. All it involves is a placing an appropriate amount of comfrey in warm (NOT hot) water and letting it sit until it becomes slimy. Generally, infusions are made using flowers or leaves. Recalling comfrey’s anti-inflammatory effects when applied externally, I decided to make a quick poultice from the steeped comfrey leaves. It also comes back from year to year without me having to do much. Comfrey is not ever safe for ingestion, as it contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids that are extremely dangerous to … Comfrey tea is prepared by steeping the dried leaves of the comfrey plant, which bears the scientific name Symphytum officinale. Cover with a neutral oil, such as olive oil, and allow the herbs to infuse into the oil for about 4-6 weeks before straining. Making a Comfrey Poultice. Add just enough water to turn it into a thick, wet paste, not too runny and not too dry. Steep 1 part root powder to 2 parts cold water for at least 1 hour. I would recommend the leaves … In other words, it makes cells grow faster. Comfrey contains a special substance called allantoin, which is a cell proliferative. I then hang them from my crabapple tree. beeswax pastilles – (where to buy) Rosemary essential oil – (how to purchase essential oils for wholesale) Each fall I harvest the Comfrey leaves and dry them on a clothes drying … Leaves have high levels of p otash as well as many other minerals that will enrich your compost. Instructions. Apply crushed comfrey leaves on wounds to help heal faster. Dry them by stringing them up on thread like bunting, or in a food dehydrator. Arrange the comfrey leaves in a single layer on screen or net drying trays, then place the trays in a warm, well-ventilated room for 3 to 4 days, or until thoroughly dried. Small leaves can remain on the stems, but removing larger leaves from thick stems will shorten the drying time. Comfrey leaves should be harvested right before the flower blooms and be used dried or fresh. That destroys the Allontoin. Drying comfrey leaves. Yes, comfrey does have some potentially dangerous compounds in it, but for a healthy adult the danger of occasional use appears to be minimal. Dried comfrey leaves used for soothing and moisture retaining properties in natural skin and hair care products. Step 2 Remove flowers and tough stems, then chop up the leaves and pack them tightly into a water-tight container. (Oil should be ½ -1 inch above the leaves.) Drying times will vary depending on the moisture content of your herbs. But most of the time I just throw the whole thing right in the bucket stalks and all. Pour olive oil over the leaves to cover and a little more. Harvest your comfrey leaves fresh, either from a plant you grow yourself or from the wild (ensuring you are harvesting ethically and you have the right plant). 1/2 cup dry comfrey leaves (where to buy) 1/2 cup dry plantain leaves (where to buy) 1 1/2 cups olive oil (where to buy) 4 tsp. There are two popular ways to make comfrey oil. Older leaves, or leaves that have overwintered in mild climates, may have higher concentrations of alkaloids. The root has much more of the toxic chemicals than the leaf; Comfrey leaves contain about 0.06% alkaloids, and roots about 0.2 to 0.4%” . Now you have the poultice - it will feel somewhat slimy, like mucilage. Dried and powdered (root or leaf) comfrey can also be used to build and fertilize garden soil. Only the leaf is used. Harvesting Comfrey Leaves. ; Used an immersion blender to blend it all up and make a paste. The hairy leaves can irritate the skin, so wear gloves if necessary. As and when you need a liquid feed, just 2-3 handfuls of the dried leaves to a bucket of water and let them infuse for an hour. Using dried comfrey, make the poultice. Add enough water to just barely cover them and add a tsp of psyllium husks to thicken it up so that it doesn't just slide all over the place. And it's best to have the comfrey thoroughly dried if I want to use it as fertilizer with garden seedlings. Add them to your blender (or, put in a glass jar if you are using an immersion blender). Add ½ cup dry comfrey leaves to a jar. Having the screens hang out somewhere prominently outside is also a good reminder to me to keep cutting more leaves for drying. People used to drink tea made from it, I assume from dried leaves, as a general tonic and panacea. Harvest comfrey leaves from the base of established plants. The leaves and the roots are the most potent parts of the plant and can be used to cure a number of skin, hair, and health related problems. Then, lay the leaves on your cutting board and roughly chop them. Comfrey has been used for over 2,000 years in Chinese medicine to heal wounds and bones. Remove the dried leaves from the stems and use a blender or coffee grinder to make a leaf powder. Using comfrey as a poultice or simply by using its dried leaves on the skin, you may find relief from pains relating to conditions like ankle sprains, muscle aches, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Store in an air-tight container. Comfrey Leaf B120 Alcohol-Free Herbal Extract Tincture, Organic Comfrey (Symphytum Officinale) Dried Leaf (4 fl oz) $29.97 $ 29 . Comfrey is a perennial plant that propagates easily from root divisions. Fill a jar about 2/3rds full with dried comfrey leaves or dried comfrey root. They have less moisture, which lowers the chance of spoilage. Heat the oil in a double boiler. You can use the leaf and the root, fresh or dried. Comfrey moisturizes and tones your skin and removes blemishes. When I dry comfrey, I cut the stalks off and bundle them together with a piece of rope. Use an old t-shirt to strain out the leaves. Using dried herb as an alternative option: Grind dried roots and dried leaves individually. Alternatively, place the leaves on baking sheets and dry in the oven at 110 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 45 minutes, or until the leaves are brittle. If you’re using fresh herbs, or trying to make comfrey salve in less than 4 … I like to grow Comfrey as it requires so little effort. Pick only relatively young, fresh leaves before any flowers are showing on the plant. If you have sore feet, add Epsom salt, and hot water to help you feel better. It also helps in conditioning your hair and controlling hair loss. Dry leaves work best with this method. It's simple explained last because everything previously mentioned must always be done first. Make your own by air drying comfrey or by using a dehydrator (here’s mine) at 95 degrees until crisp. The leaves of the comfrey plant were once eaten as greens and used in medicines intended to cure ulcers, colitis, bloody urine, heavy menstrual periods and respiratory ailments. You won’t know it at first, but upon drying the bruised leaves will go brown rather than green. For every 4 ounces of comfrey oil, melt in1 Tablespoon of beeswax. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Plants like Comfrey, which have high carbohydrate content, are considered to rejuvenate the skin and to have healing, soothing and moisture retaining properties.

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