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Iceberg lettuce doesn’t develop deep roots so remember to keep the base of the plant properly moist. It grows best in cool climates and requires a long winter season to grow fully. How To Grow: Lettuce Iceberg The iceberg lettuce is a great source of potassium, iron, calcium, fiber and vitamins A, C, and K. Iceberg lettuce will thrive in the cool spring season and its best to prepare a well-drained soil bed which receives about 4 to 5 hours of sunlight every day. For each offer ordered, get 1 pkt of approx. For lea Iceberg Lettuce First gaining popularity in the 1940s, iceberg lettuce was originally known as crisphead lettuce. Get 2 FREE seed samples with every purchase, Copyright 2021 © AllThatGrows. Buy Iceberg lettuce (Bandh Ghobi) /0.5kg from Fresh Vegetables at online shopping grocery store in Lahore Pakistan - Technically a Batavian type, the light green, extra wavy leaves form dense heads at a small size and can be harvested as a mini or left to bulk up into large, heavy, full-size heads. Head weights about 500 to 550g and potential to harvest 4 to 5 tonne per acre. When harvesting the iceberg lettuce head, remove the entire head at the base. Lettuce is most often used for salads, although it is also seen in other kinds of food, such as soups, sandwiches and wraps; it can also be grilled. Promise we'd never spam. Lettuce is sensitive to low pH. Iceberg – var. Iceberg lettuce can be planted in full or partial sun. Germination Temperature: 40-75° F and above. Water lettuce carefully so as to keep the soil moist but avoid making a muddy mess which will lead to fungal root disease. Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is an annual plant of the daisy family, Asteraceae.It is most often grown as a leaf vegetable, but sometimes for its stem and seeds. Sold by Isla's Garden Seeds and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. The c.v. will be found to be very bolt tolerant, a very strong header, of good texture, uniform in type and maturity, with very solid firm heads and good weight. Types of Lettuces to Grow. Proprietary A new Vanguard type iceberg lettuce for the early, middle and late Empire planting period. Sprouting Guaranteed. Germination: 8-14 days at 35-75F. Young lettuce plants can tolerate freezing weather. Sweet and crisp. *For more information on the optimum conditions required for growing seeds in your region, please contact us at, or Whatsapp us at, +91 8544865077, Hi, Are your seeds poison/Thiram treated? Be the first to review “Summertime Iceburg Lettuce Seeds 231”. Sow seeds for a fall crop in Buttercrunch Lettuce (aka Butter Head Lettuce) 1000+ Seeds. Iceberg Lettuce Seeds - 1000 SEEDS NON-GMO 4.0 out of 5 stars 60. Variety: Maracaibo. Lettuce, Iceberg (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) Iceberg lettuce is most often grown as a leaf vegetable. capitata. Transplant out … Prepare the well-drained fertile soil with rich with nutrients which will promote tender leaf development. Harvest in about 55 days. Slow to bolt in hot weather. Iceberg Lettuce is a good source of fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C & iron. Germination occurring in 2-10 days when the temperature ranges from 60 to 70°. In such cases, remove the affected leaf immediately and harvest the remaining leaves. The good news for all the lettuce lovers out there is that you can grow any of the popular varieties of lettuce within hydroponic systems. The ideal temperature for sowing iceberg lettuce seeds is 16-20°C (60-68°F) watering. Iceberg lettuce can be planted in full or partial sun. Both gorgeous and delicious, Red Glacier has dazzling deep red-tinged leaves and a brilliant celadon-green heart. David's Garden Seeds Carrot Tendersweet SL7612 (Orange) 500 Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds … Iceberg is a timeless classic heirloom lettuce that has been a salad staple for more than 100 years. The crisp leaves on an iceberg lettuce head are tightly packed with high-water content. Ithaca Head Lettuce Seed Heat Tolerant, Really Reliable. $1.84. Picking iceberg lettuce at the right time ensures full head formation and optimum flavor. You're viewing: Summertime Iceburg Lettuce Seeds 231 $ 3.65 Select options Due to an unexpected and overwhelming amount of orders, we have had to put a pause on all new orders. Dry soil must be watered to ensure coolness and moisture, and for uniform germination. Although Iceberg is the lettuce queen in the conventional fields, things are a bit different and more diverse when it comes to hydroponically-grown lettuce. This leafy green is a great source of fiber, iron, vitamin A and C, potassium, and calcium with very low calories. It yields tight full heads that hold well in the garden and color up nicely in the heat of summer. The fussiest type to grow, iceberg will form a compact round head if given a long cool season. $3.99. 3.8 out of 5 stars 666. However, protect the plant from direct heat to avoid bolting. Iceberg Lettuce Seed $ 4.00. Plant Iceberg Lettuce most anywhere, but expect it to thrive in cooler climates. Salinas type lettuce with a mid-vigor plant, tolerates non-extreme cold environments. $1.99. Lettuce Seed This is an extremely heat tolerant variety and was the slowest to bolt in our summer trials. We found in our trials that Summertime made very nice heads in the fall too! Crisp and delicious, Iceberg is the standard. The ideal temperature for sowing iceberg lettuce seeds is 16-20°C (60-68°F). The lettuce leaves on the outside are green in color while leaves tend to be from pale yellow to white as you move closer to the center of the head. Thin iceberg and romaine lettuce to one plant every 10–12″, other types 8–10″ for full size heads or 6″ for mini heads. Very solid green Iceberg-type heads. Then, place the tray … Water lettuce carefully so as to keep the soil moist but avoid making a muddy mess which will lead to fungal root disease. DIRECT SEEDING for BABY LEAF: Seeds can germinate well in soils as low as 40°F (4°C) but often poorly above 75°F (24°C). Plant Spacing: 3-6 inches. Planting Instructions for Iceberg Lettuce Seeds Heirloom / Open Pollinated Lettuce is direct seeded, covering the seeds very lightly. Seed Count: Approx. During cold weather, growth is slower. It is easy to grow and slow to bolt, but takes a long cool growing season to form a good sized head. Pay cash on free home delivery. Plant 1/4-1/2" deep, 1" apart, with 14-18" between rows. Please call 1-800-930-7009 or 518-329-3038 between 2:00 and 5:00 PM Eastern, Monday – Friday. Please note that all our seasonal recommendations/ sowing information is as per the local climatic conditions. The ideal temperature for harvesting iceberg lettuce is 15-20°C (60-68°F) to avoid bolting. We gladly accept phone orders! Iceberg lettuce is great for people who have limited space in the garden. Harvest. A properly grown iceberg lettuce head picked at the right time will have just the right flavors and taste for your salads and sandwiches. Type: Iceberg. Yes, I would like to receive emails from Turtle Tree Seed Initiative. Mature heads hold well in refrigerator for one to two weeks. This lettuce will keep its sweetness through the summer heat and is slow to bolt. (You can unsubscribe anytime). This very popular head lettuce is crisp with green, tightly-packed leaves that have a white center. This item: Batavian Leafy Iceberg Lettuce Seeds, 5000 Heirloom Seeds Per Packet, Non Gmo Seeds $5.99. Ships from and sold by The Seed Plant. Iceberg lettuce is known for it's mild taste and crisp texture. To grow iceberg lettuce, start by filling a shallow seed tray with soil and sprinkling a few seeds in each cell a few weeks before the last frost. When to plant Sow lettuce seed in mid-March or set plants in early April. Iceberg lettuce from Global GAP certified farms of Punjab, Pakistan ... NOTICE: All of the present information regarding seed varieties is based on observations obtained in the field and in the laboratory. Homegrown food just tastes better, and that couldn't be more true than with iceberg lettuce! Sow seeds 2-3″ apart, rows 12–18″ apart. To raise transplants, start seeds 5 to 8 weeks before setting out. If you plan to plant lettuce in a rather warmer zone, protect the plant from direct afternoon sun. Latest information on new products, offers & more. Rating Required. The iceberg lettuce head is spherical in shape resembling a small cabbage with 9 to 11-inch diameter. Soil pH should range between 6 to 7 for ideal growth. Thanks, Hi,Thanks for reaching out to us. Get news from Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed in your inbox. Sow: March - May. In Stock. Good tolerance to heat and rain, high yield variety. Iceberg Lettuce It has big crunch and a lovely, mild Lettuce flavor. Iceberg lettuce Great Lakes 118 is crunchy, compact and neutral flavoured, making it perfect for children who avoid vegetables. Forming a closed head resembling that of a cabbage, the crunchy texture and mild flavor of iceberg varieties is preferred by some to provide a backdrop against more intensely flavored salad ingredients and dressings. Choose cool, well drained, loose soil with pH 6.2-6.8. 75 days Package contains 2 grams, approximately 2,400 Iceberg Lettuce Seeds. Iceberg lettuce is quite popular in cold wedge salads and lettuce wraps. * Head or crisphead--Head lettuce takes nearly twice as long as leaf lettuce to develop. Iceberg lettuce, also known as crisp head lettuce, is one of the most popular varieties of lettuce used in street food to fine dining cuisines the world over. Iceberg Lettuce seeds has medium large compact head size, bright green leaves. Produces firm, well-wrapped heads. Day to Maturity | 45 days Lettuce Seeds | Lettuce can be grown practically anywhere. I sow the seeds on the soil surface and lightly rake in to achieve the proper depth. Iceberg lettuce, also known as crisphead lettuce, has pale green leaves and grows in cabbage-like bulbs. Delectable enough to enjoy as a simple wedge salad, Red Iceberg lettuce is also fabulous on sandwiches and with nuts, fruit, cheese, bacon or other meats. Romaine Lettuce is the most nutritious & the most popular type of lettuce used in the America also called cos. Days to Seed Germination: 7 to 10 days Seed Planting Depth: 1.3 cm (1/2") Row Spacing: 45 cm (18") Plant Spacing: 20 cm (8") Planting Instructions: Plant in moist, well drained soil, as soon as ground can be worked and danger of frost has passed. ... Lettuce > Iceberg > Open Field . Sorry, we are unable to ship outside of the United States. Plant Lettuce in full sun, or afternoon shade in hot climates. Certified Organic Non-GMO. 65 DAYS. SKU: 14614. However, protect the plant from direct heat to avoid bolting. For an earlier crop, start indoors 4-5 weeks before the last frost. 500 seeds It is most reliably grown using transplants, and the fall season is the best time to grow head lettuce in Kansas. Sugar Baby Watermelon Seeds - 50 Seeds Non-GMO $2.49. Soil Nutrients and Requirements. 1/2 Ounce. When temperatures are warm (between 50 and 75 degrees F), lettuce plants can mature in 50 to 75 days. Fast growing to mature around 45 to 50 days after sowing. Size: 1 Ounce. Transplant iceberg, romaine, and butterhead lettuce 10–12" apart in rows 15–18" apart, other types 8–10" apart in rows 12–18", and mini heads as close as 6" in a grid. SOWING. PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS: Planting Depth: 0-1/4 inch. The productiveness of any seed we sell is subject to your local climatic conditions*, the sowing method you adopt, and your commitment to the planting process. We give no warranty, expressed or implied, and are in no way responsible for the produce. 50-70 days. Lettuce seeds should be sown no deeper than ¼ to ½ inch deep. It is a compact lettuce reaching only 8 inches (20cm) in diameter. All rights reserved. Lettuce Sowing Instructions Planting Depth: ¼” Row Spacing: 12”-18” Plant Spacing:12” Days to Germination: 7-12 days Germination Temperature: 45°-90°F Lettuce prefers cool weather. Excessive warmth may lead the lettuce plant to bolt and cause a very bitter taste in the leaves. Our seeds are non treated.We don't treat our seeds with any kind of poison.Hope this helps.Best regards,Team AllThatGrows. Also, keep the leaves of lettuce clear of any splashes of soil which may damage the leaves. Cover seed lightly, about 1/8″, and firm soil gently. Use 50 … Minimum of 250 seeds per packet. Besides being a wonderful lettuce for heat tolerance, Calmar is also known for adding a crisp texture to salads and sandwiches. Germination: 2-15 Days Days to Maturity: 50 Days.

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