list of fruits grown in tamilnadu

There are detailed tips right from the seed sowing to the harvesting and storing of these individual vegetable seeds and plants, plus the information you need so you can choose which vegetable plants suit your garden and tastes. Grow Beds For Plants Trees Fruit Trees Vegetable Garden ₹ 40/ Square Meter Get Latest Price UV Blocked Multilayered Grow beds is a solution to have more space in existing space, farmers are utilizing vertical space with the help of Grow beds, Partition plates helps in allocating space to each plant.Helps in further reduction in water requirement due to moisture retention properties. This Ex-Microsoft Director Returned to India to Put Jackfruit on the Superfood Map . Month North India South India JANUARY Brinjal Lettuce,Spinach, Gourds, Melons, Radish, Carrot, Onion, Tomato,Okra,Brinjal, Bean FEBRUARY Applegourd, Bittergourd, Bottle gourd, Cucumber, French Beans, … Langsat fruit helps in curing digestive tract problems. The Indian variety of bilimbis have tart, tangy, acidic, and sharp notes that pack quite a punch. Papaya 4. They can be enjoyed as a juice, as a pickle, as flavouring in fruity cocktails, and as simple slices, sprinkled with salt and red chilli powder. According to experts, it is suggested to soak the fruit in salt water before consumption to reduce the acidity. The ripened fruit is soft, sweet and a gastronomic delight. Also called wild mango, a ripe ambarella has the puckering acidity of an unripe mango and the gentle sweetness of pineapple. India is the world’s largest producer of pomegranates India grows six commercial varieties of pomegranate which is Ganesh, Mridula, Arakta, Ruby, Phule Bhagwa, and Phule Bhagwa Super. Safe and Quick Delivery. It is rich in B vitamins, iron and calcium. Banana 7. There are different types of citrus fruits which can be found in the state of Tamil Nadu. An extremely versatile fruit, bael can be eaten fresh or dried or even made into a drink. Depending on the time of year, different fruits and vegetables are harvested and available in different seasons in Australia. JackFruit 10. It helps with the production of collagen, which keeps the skin, ligaments, tendons and cartilage healthy. 1 healthy live small plant. (Yield of 60/80kgs per pole have been reported in India) These fruits are sold in the market at Rs.300 to 400 per kg, but the general Farm rate is approx between Rs. Grown in: Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Goa. The colour, the fragrance of the fruits are sure to assail the senses of anyone strolling down the perishable section of the supermarkets. Jamun/Syzygium cumini. It helps give relief from bad digestion, stomach pain and constipation. Anjeer – Pune. While many of these fruits are natively grown, some of them can be found across the world as well. The ground seed helps in treating ulcers. Believed to have originated in the lower Himalayas, botanists are unsure if it’s native to the region in India or China – some scholars believe that India’s migrating Buddhist monks carried the fruit with them to China in 400 AD. It is mostly eaten ripe and fresh, with a sprinkling of salt and black pepper. This fruit tree is native to India and Sri Lanka and found naturally in other South East Asian countries. You can grow vegetables like beetroot, broccoli, okra, squash in a container that is at least 18 to 20 inches deep, while a container that has a depth of 12-15 inches, can be used to grow pole beans, carrots, fennel, leeks, pepper, spinach, coriander, parsley, basil etc. To reduce its acidity, the fruit is often pricked first and soaked in salt water for a short period, before being used in chutneys, pickles and jams. Mildly sweet and acidic in taste, most locals value elephant apples not for their jelly-like pulp, but rather, their crunchy outer petals. So here is a list of top 10 largest fruit producing states in India in 2019 ranked according to the production rate. A small, translucent, orb-shaped fruit, langsah is most often found in South India. It helps in giving relief from ailments such has nausea, fatigue, heat stroke, liver problems and digestive issues. A temperate fruit, Japani phal is the local Himachal name of the exotic, deep orange-red-coloured and luscious persimmon. Grown in:  Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, and Kerala. Ice Apple is very good for pregnant women. Recently, a variety 'Dinkar', an improvement over 'Daulatabad' variety for yield and fruit quality is gaining commercial importance. Pomegranate 5. The bark of the tree has anti spasmodic properties and can be efficiently used to treat dysentery and diarrhoea. Low maintenance plant. Grown in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Nilgiri Hills, the fruit has the following properties: Also called wild mango, a ripe ambarella has the puckering acidity of an unripe mango and the gentle sweetness of pineapple. It does, but the puckering sourness disappears when you let it ripen almost to the point when rot sets in. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. Fruits. Mentioned below are the different kinds of fruits grown in the world. An unusual member of the citrus family, chakotras or pomelos have the taste of a slightly sour grapefruit without the bitterness and acidity, coupled with gorgeous floral overtones. In India 'Poona' is the most popular cultivar grown for consumption as fresh fruit. Golden yellow berries with a melting fruity sweetness, khirni or rayan is a member of the Sapotaceae family found across the tropics (that also includes sapota or chikoo). […] Mangosteens are very low in calories with no saturated fats, or cholesterol but rich in dietary fibre. The plant is grown along the regions of India, Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia. Grown in Northeastern India, Buddha’s Hand fruits have the following properties: This small, translucent, orb-shaped fruit, is quite sour when unripe, but perfectly sweet when ripe with a taste similar to a bittersweet grapefruit. While the pulp can be eaten raw or made into a drink similar to lemonade, the tangy seeds are used in curries. The State has as an area of 1.3 Lakh with a gross cropped area of around 63 L.Ha.. 13 Fruits And Vegetables That Are In Season This Winter – Plus Recipes To Make From Them! These are grown in 2,93,146 hectares mainly in districts like Krishnagiri, Thirunelveli, Vellore, Dindigul, Trichy, Theni, Erode, Thiruvallur, Dharmapuri, and Madurai. The following is a compilation of a list of fruits. Why not buy the local produce for good health! The fruit is very sweet and popular in Kerala and Tamilnadu and the wood is used to make musical instruments and furniture. Get latest info on Fresh Fruits, suppliers, wholesale suppliers, retailers & traders with Fresh Fruits prices for buying. Grown in the Siwalik Hills of Bihar and West Bengal, the Western Ghats and the Nilgiri Hills, Karondas have the following properties: With a stiff brown exterior and a jelly-like interior, the Taal fruit is a cooling treat in the hot summer season of India. It is esteemed chiefly for its “exquisite form and aroma”. Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops – Vellore District Brief Notes on Schemes The district has favourable agro climate condition for raising different kinds of Horticulture crops like fruits, Vegetables and flower crops. This fruit belongs to the Cavendish family. As it is grown across all of India, so there will be tough competition for selling in the market. The flesh of the raw fruit is firm with a tart flavour that tastes delicious when eaten with a sprinkling of rock salt. The fruit is rich vitamin A, and vitamin C. It is also loaded with manganese, which helps in maintaining healthy mucous membranes and skin, and protects against lung and mouth cancers. The fruits are smooth, medium sized (100 to120 g), flat with 4 -5 furrows, green color when unripe and reaching capsicum red after ripening. Turmeric spice farm in tamilnadu – spice exporters in Tamilnadu Spices grown in Tamilnadu & Spice Exporters in Tamilnadu. The ripe fruits are red, long and contain high capsaicin. DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE AND PLANTATION CROPS NAGAPATTINAM DISTRICT Nagapattinam district is coming under Cauvery delta region and the total area under cultivation is 271583 ha. If you read us, like us and want this positive news movement to grow, then do consider supporting us via the following buttons: Our teams put in a lot of effort to create the content you love at The Better India. We put out curated content on our Instagram account- green living hacks, green innovations, leading a no-tox life and heroes in the sustainability space. The content of this booklet gives an insight on what is grown Mangoes are very popular in India and in Tamil Nadu mango is one of the three royal fruits with banana and jackfruit. Some scholars believe that India’s migrating Buddhist monks carried the fruit with them to China in 400 AD. 125 to 200 per kg. Jamun 14. If you take a stroll through a supermarket’s perishable produce aisle, you might be forgiven for thinking that you have an impressive variety of fruit at your fingertips. Chiku or Sapota is one of the very popular fruit crop in Gujarat state but also grown in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The fruit, which is a native of China, spread to Korea and Japan and was initially introduced in India by European settlers in the early 20th century. Online Fruits, Vegetables & Grocery Store. The fruit has antioxidants with healing properties. Many of the fruits below are still eaten locally as they have been for centuries and others are generating renewed interest by eco-friendly gardeners (less need for bug control) and chefs alike. Grown in: Central India and the Deccan Peninsula, You May Like: Food for Thought: Unpeeling the Mango’s Interesting History in India. 31-Jan-2016 10:36:13 XAVIER V said : Report Abuse: Good 20-Nov-2015 01:55:46 ராஜா said : … Fruitizm is an online store providing all kinds of essentials such as fruits, vegetables, and other groceries. Removing the thin skin can be tiresome, but the effort is well worth it. The knobby grapefruit-sized fruits are yellow-green, and ripen to get a leathery brown covering. While the unripe ones are green in colour and sour to taste, the ripened ones have a distinctly yellow colour, with slightly brown ribs are sweet. 02 /9 Video-7 fruit trees you can grow in urban homes. It is also a great cure for anaemia and traditionally used to treat anorexia and insanity. Phone No. Guava trees produce flowers and fruits thrice a year . Get 2 FREE seed samples with every purchase! Mangosteen is the national fruit of Thailand. Be a part of our mailing list and get 10% OFF Andhra Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh Assam Bihar Chhattisgarh Dadra and Nagar Haveli Daman and Diu Delhi Gujarat Goa Haryana Himachal Pradesh Jammu and Kashmir Jharkhand Karnataka Kerala Maharashtra Manipur Meghalaya Mizoram Nagaland Orissa Puducherry Punjab Rajasthan Sikkim Tamil Nadu Telangana Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand West … India has been an opulent cultivator of fruits since centuries. The flesh of this fruit is similar to litchi in texture and the taste is similar to fresh coconut. Some trees are intertwined with some stories and it is impossible to look at a tree without remembering the story. Other Names: Wood Apple, kavat, kabith, kavath, velakkaya, divul, kvet, kawis, kawes, kaitha, mokey fruit, curd fruit, ma-khwit. The crop duration is 210 days, yields 1.8 tonnes of dry pods/ha and suitable for rainfed cultivation in Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu. This pungent fruit is used for making jam, and chutney. Read about company. If you are looking for a list of all fruits with pictures, then you are at the right place. Strikingly similar in appearance to a tomato, a completely ripe japani phal is soft, sweet and tasty. Leaf decoction is used to treat fever, diarrhoea, and earache. It is only during the searing summers and cold winters of the subcontinent that some of these fruits appear on the rickety carts of street hawkers in Indian towns. Many bilimbi lovers make a lemonade-type drink to capitalize on these refreshing attributes. Apple 16. Minor spices like Ginger, Cloves, Garlic, Mint are also being encouraged in Tamilnadu. Ber fruits behaved like a typical climacteric fruit exhibiting a climacteric maximum in the respiratory rate. Get contact details and address| ID: 2923723773 The spiralling green-pink pods of jungli jalebi (or kodukkapuli) contain about 6-10 shining black seeds enveloped in a thick sweet edible pulp. Grown in: The Siwalik Hills of Bihar and West Bengal, the Western Ghats and the Nilgiri Hills. Orange is consumed fresh or in the form of juice, jam, squash, and syrup. Amalsad regio of Gujarat is famous for Sapota farming. Vasantha - Tamilnadu Best Supermarket for Wholesale groceries in Tamilnadu,India This Brand new supermarket in India is giving lot of offers in wide range of products in categories ( groceries,vegetables,fruits,beverages,branded foods ,masala & spices ) . Anjeer of Fig is one of the delicious fruit,mostly confined to Parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra. This gardening calendar provides a list of month by month activities for growing indoor vegetables in India. The fruit is also used to make toddy, a local alcoholic beverage. Canada, Mexico, and the United States are home to a number of edible fruit; however, only three are commercially grown (grapes, cranberries, and blueberries). Additional area can be brought out by utilizing the vast fallow land available in the district. The fruit of Karonda is an astringen and is used to treat skin conditions. The Vegetable crops can be grown in all three seasons. Select Page. The seed content is moderate (0.65%) and 167 kg of fruits give one kg of seed. 04 /9 Pomegranates. The spiralling green-pink pods of jungli jalebi (or kodukkapuli) contain about 6-10 shining black seeds enveloped in a thick sweet edible pulp. Spice Exporters in Tamilnadu – Find Address and details of spice companies like Whole Spices manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, traders, wholesalers, dealers, distributors in Tamil Nadu India in our Spice Exporters Directory ( and typically which spices grown in Tamilnadu Commonly eaten with a little jaggery to temper the acidity, the fruit is also used to make jam, chutney or sherbet. The fruits are commonly used in jams and sweet pickles. The bark extract is also used against dysentery, chronic diarrhoea and tuberculosis. Average production is about 500-600 fruits per tree after stabilization. Grown in: Assam, Kolkata, Bihar, Odisha and the sub-Himalayan tract from Kumaon to Garhwal. ... Coconut palms are grown around the world, India is third largest producer of Coconut in the world, cultivation states of India are the of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka to Lakshadweep. The crops that are sown in the winter season are called Rabi crops. (also known as the “winter crop”) in Pakistan and India. Seasonal fruits and vegetables not only taste more delicious but they are less expensive than unseasonal ones. Get latest info on Fresh Fruits, suppliers, wholesale suppliers, retailers & traders with Fresh Fruits prices for buying. Famous Fruit Capitals of India. Each fruit weighs about 300 to 1000 grams. Grown in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa and Kerala, this fruit has the following health benefits: Phalsa fruit is a perfect blend between sweet and sour flavours. The diverse climate is the main reason for the immense cultivation of wide variety of fruits and veggies. Buddha’s hand has a mild yet zesty flavour and is wonderfully aromatic—it is known to fill rooms with its fresh floral perfume. Tamilnadu Treepedia – an Android app developed by Tamilnadu Forest Department under the Tamilnadu Innovative Initiatives Scheme(TANII). The fruit is rich in iron content and helps produce haemoglobin and myoglobin. ADVERTISEMENTS: This article throws light upon the top twenty two types of fruit crops in India. While the pulp can be eaten raw or made into a drink similar to lemonade, the tangy seeds are used in curries. Since they are a major source of food for elephants, monkeys and deer, it is prohibited to collect them from the core areas of the forest. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. India, with the most diverse climatic conditions across its length and breadth, ranging from the cold Himalayan belts to the tropical belts in Southern India holds the distinction of being the world’s second largest producer of fruits. We at The Better India want to showcase everything that is working in this country. Buy traditionally produced & open-pollinated seeds for vegetables, microgreens, flowers & herbs. According to the survey, India was the largest producer of Guava during the year 2011. In fact, you can grow many of the most profitable crops I told you a These foods which we call ‘in season’ are often cheaper, tastier and more nutritious. There are 83,125 farm families, are cultivating various crops in an area of 73406.00 Ha during the year 2019-2020. Available only for a very short period in May, just when the summer season begins, khirni is often sold alongside the more popular purple-hued jamun, the reason why many people assume it has a similar astringency. Even today, India is one of the major fruit exporters as there is a great demand for Indian fruits in the foreign market. by | Dec 12, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Dec 12, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments ... mexican traders strted in 2009 with 25 employees has grown to around 200 employees. Even though this fruit’s demand skyrockets when it is in season, its cultivation does not extend beyond a handful of regions in the south. Muni Reddy, in the year 1975 and is a leading supplier of plants to various state governments and central government agencies NGOs, Horticulturists and nurseries. Fruits are an integral part of the human diet and contribute towards nutrition, as they are rich sources of fibre, vitamin C and water. The Better Home is a range of safe and eco-friendly home cleaners by The Better India. The fruit can be eaten as a zest or flavouring in desserts, savoury dishes and alcoholic beverages (such as vodka) or candied as a sweet. The bark and pulp are astringent and hemostatic. Different states of America produces different fruits and vegetables during each month depending upon the climatic condition and the type of soil. It is also rich in vitamin C, and minerals like copper, manganese and magnesium. It helps fight diseases such as tuberculosis, blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease. This fruit is native to Mexico, America, Central Asia, India, Caribbean, Florida, Guam, and Philippines. This fruit with a waxy skin makes a great preserve or pickle. So why look beyond the Indian subcontinent for fruits? Bael 13. Mango is the national fruit of India and have been cultivated in South Asia too. But research shows that organic, local produce has far more value in terms of nutrition, and India has for you wide variety of delicious and exotic fruits that are grown locally in India. The sliced, dried peel of immature fruits is also prescribed as a tonic in traditional medicine. Suitable for Indoor Planting. On an average 19.00MT Vegetables and fruits are in sales per day. Unripe fruits are often pickled or used for chutney. A reminder of changing seasons and childhood summers, here are 15 little known fruits from India that can open up an entirely new world to you. Pear 18. Fruits like grapes, apples, guava, pineapples, Indian gooseberry, Ramphal, Star gooseberry, sweet orange, mulberry etc are also grown in this soil. This application focuses on making the choice of tree species for plantation more easier. Grown in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa, the fruit has the following features: Karondas are wild berries rich in nutrition. Welcome to Swamy Nursery . readmore Grown in: Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Nilgiri Hills. Litchi 8. Thomas was disturbed by the amount of fertilisers and pesticides sprayed upon fruits and vegetables supplied in not just marketplaces but also on those that were grown in kitchen backyards. On a bright sunny day in 1996 ROJ Enterprises was born with dream of becoming leading player the processed fruits & vegetables industry, India world. Readers only offer: Get additional Rs 200 off on 'The Better Home' powerful natural cleaners. The fruit is a native of China and was introduced in India by European settlers in the early 20th century. It would help us if you can follow our Instagram handle and spread the word around. Stay Healthy! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Commences from the 5th year with about 50 fruits per tree and stabilizes in the 8th year. Fruit Crops in Tamil Nadu – Major fruit crops in Tamil Nadu are Citrus, Banana, Mango, Grapes, Guava, Papaya, Sapota, and Pineapple. A cooling treat in the hot summer season, biting into a targola releases the refreshing sweet juice that resides in the center of each segment. The fibre rich fruit is good for gut health. Successful production can be achieved by selecting the right apple variety and proper planting site selection. In addition to the major fruits grown (Mango, Litchi, Pineapple, Orange, Banana and Jackfruit) in this state, there are many edible fruits exist naturally in forest as well as in cultivable areas. 40-45 varieties of vegetables and fruits are bring by the farmers from 19 villages within Kanyakumari District. In India it is found in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. These fruits are known for health benefits and are powerhouse of nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium and fiber. Grown in: Throughout eastern and southern India (especially in the Nilgiri hills). Langsat is a nutritionally rich fruit containing many vital elements like proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and dietary fibre in abundance. Fleshy Fruits. The plants are tall and spreading. Vadasery Uzhavar santhai opened on 22/08/2000. It is a fast growing and easy to grow plant when given the proper care and right biological conditions. Home-grown apples are juicier than store-bought ones and can easily be grown in containers. Citrus 6. The Rabi means, when the crop is harvested.Crops that are grown in the winter season, from November to April are called Rabi Crops.Some of the important rabi crops are wheat, barley, peas, gram and mustard. This super fruit has effective cooling properties and when ripe, can be eaten with a sprinkling of salt and black pepper. By using the power of constructive journalism, we want to change India – one story at a time. While variety is important nutritionally, it is also important in terms of flavour and texture. Mellow and earthy, mangustaan is similar to mango in taste and is completely ripe only when its woody, leathery purple rind yields to the touch. most profitable trees to grow in tamilnadu. Home-grown apples are juicier than store-bought ones and can easily be grown … I could not help remembering Sundara Ramasamy’s novel ‘Oru Puliya Marathin Kathai’ wherein a Tamarind tree is the central character around which the lives of the villagers are woven beautifully. The affected portion should be cleared and few drops of kerosene should be applied in holes to keep this in control. In reality, however, these fruits are only some a small sample of the wide variety of delicious and exotic fruits that exist out there. A great source of natural pectin, these berries are also commonly used in jams and sweet pickles. Find here details of companies selling Fresh Fruits in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Being home to the finest varieties of pomegranate, the fruits have soft seeds with fewer acids. Extremely rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin C, phalsa is a super fruit with an effective cooling effect that is perfect for summers. This tree has glossy green leaves and is grown commonly as an avenue tree. Peach 17. The flavour of the fruit is mellow and earthy, and is similar to mango in taste. Fruits are borne in clusters of 4 to 5, yielding 20-25 fruits per plant, weighing 2.8 to 3.8 kg. Grown in: The Nilgiri hills, the southern districts of Tirunelvely and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Highly acidic in nature, Bilimbi is a fruit grown in Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Goa. Jackfruit along with Mango and Banana (Maa, palaa, vazhai) are considered the chief of fruits in Tamilnadu. A nutrition rich wild berry, karondas are pink coloured fruits with tiny seeds at its core. These increasingly rare, minor fruits are collected from the wild and eaten mostly by the locals. Here is the famous places of Indian states where below list of fruits are cultivated, These fruits are listed as Geographical Indications but grown in … readmore. They retain the most natural colour and flavour. Fleshy fruits, as the name suggests, have a soft pulpy wall, with seeds at the center. The fruit helps in promoting red blood cells, reducing cholesterol, boosting weak immunity systems and has anti-inflammatory properties. This list includes botanical fruits such as pumpkins, and does not include herbs, spices, cereals and most culinary fruits and culinary nuts. Inside, you will find a sticky pulp, with a taste that ranges from very tart when raw to sweet-and-sour when fully ripe. A stunning fruit, Buddha’s hand looks like a lumpy lemon with elongated, yellow tentacles (that resemble gnarled human fingers) protruding from the base; hence, its name—Buddha’s hand. The leaves have an antibiotic effect and helps in treating cuts, eczema and other skin infections. The ripe fruit has a distinctly yellow colour, with slightly brown ribs, and it makes a great preserve or pickle. Carambola is rich in antioxidants, potassium, and vitamin C. Unlike other citrus fruits, Buddha’s Hand fruit contains no pulp or juice. They are grown in the season under appropriate conditions for the particular fruit or vegetables. S. S. Tours & Travels Call Driver - Offering Fresh Durian Fruits, डूरियन फ्रूट, Durian Fruits in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Grown in: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa. This is a list of plants that have a culinary role as vegetables. Grown in: Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and the western Himalayas. "Vegetable" can be used in several senses, including culinary, botanical and legal. The investigation was undertaken mainly with the objectives of determining post harvest ripening changes of selected ber cultivars (Banarsi, Umran, Gola, Local, Mundia, Seb, Kaithli, Illaich, Kakdi & Kathapal) grown in Tamil Nadu. States Crops Soil Used Punjab Wheat, Rice, Maize, Barley, Pulses, Rapeseed and … This was a list of seasonal fruits and vegetables by month for US. Most of the fig grown in Mangalore, Bellary, Coimbatore, Daulatabad, Ganjam, Lucknow and Saharanpur resembles in plant and fruit morphology to that of Poona Fig. In that, Horticultural crops have been cultivated in about 17080 ha and the prominent crops under cultivation are Cashew, Mango, Banana, Guava, Tapioca, Chillies, Brinjal and other vegetables. The first step towards this Food Grid is this “Fruits & Vegetables Availability Maps of India Booklet” which puts forth an overview of the production and availability scenario of key food commodities in the country. As an all in one online fruit and vegetable store, Fruitzm offers you the best in class and fresh fruits and vegetables.

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