pinwheel cookies with chocolate chips

The traditional holiday sprinkle cookies I make are filled with colorful sugars. Better yet, my boys love to bake with me. *From the archives. Cream the shortening and sugar in a large bowl with an electric mixer. Mix the melted chocolate into the dough just until combined. Most of us are familiar with the basic chocolate pinwheel cookies recipe, but my homemade pinwheel cookies are a bit different. Then refrigerate. Print it. The red and green swirls make this recipe so festive and the entire cookie is trimmed in sprinkles! Printer-friendly version. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate as for the Add the flour mixture and beat on low until just combined. ¼ tsp salt. Spread in greased, lined pan. Roll dough/crust out on a flat surface sprinkled with powdered sugar (not flour) to ¼ inch thickness in a circle. Working on one rectangle of dough at a time, sprinkle alternating lines of colored sugar before rolling up. your own Pins on Pinterest chocolate chips 1 c. sugar 1 egg 1 1/4 c. sifted flour 1/2 tsp. Once it comes together, split the dough in half and add melted chocolate to one half. … A cross between bars, cookies, and cake, I love skillet cookies mainly because you can eat them right out of the skillet with a spoon. It has no hormones, additives or fillers and comes from happy cows at family-owned dairies. Divide the dough in half. 1 egg yolk. These cookies stay fresh stored in an airtight container at room temperature or in the fridge for up to 1 week. Join for FREE to start saving your favorite recipes. Bake for 12 to 13 minutes, making sure not to brown the edges too much. Key Ingredients. My dad grew up eating Challenge and it’s the only butter he buys. In fact, whenever we talk about cooking or baking and butter comes up, he talks about how much he loves the flavor and how it really is the BEST butter. 3 oz unsweetened chocolate, melted. Once your … My absolute most favorite cookies ever are my grandmother’s pinwheel cookies. Before you chill the dough, press/roll it into a rectangle between two sheets of wax paper. These slice and bake cookies can be frozen and ready for baking in just a few minutes. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda, and salt. I have a few tips: These cookies are the perfect Christmas or holiday cookie! Vanilla and chocolate dough swirls around each other forming the most esthetically eye pleasing cookie … We love spending time in the kitchen together. Level. All Rights Reserved. You may want to rotate the cookie sheets halfway through baking. 60 cookies (5 dozen) Delicious and stylish White Chip Chocolate Cookies are ready in less than 1 hour. GUEST POST: Table for Two Hey y’all! Divide dough into two pieces. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Pinwheel Cookies are not for the uninformed. Using an electric mixer, beat butter until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. I’m showing you how to make four different versions of this cookie recipe I’ve been making for years. Servings. baking soda. I can’t get enough of chocolate and mint this time of year. Peel off the top sheet of parchment paper, then roll the dough into a log. This is something I have never tried. salt 1 (6 oz.) Chocolate and Toffee Pecan Pinwheel Cookies. Roll out one strip of vanilla dough between two sheets of parchment paper, into a roughly 6-by-7 inch rectangle. Just sprinkle the dough with cinnamon sugar before rolling! Directions for: Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies Ingredients Ingredients and Directions. Your cookie trays will be a huge hit when you add these! Pretty to look at, delicious to eat. Simply sprinkle mini chocolate chips on the dough before rolling it up! And bake them until they are golden brown! Lift the long side of the wax paper and gently roll the cookie dough (like a jelly roll). Use the bottom sheet of wax paper or plastic wrap to help you roll the dough. Use your favorite colors for Colleges, High School colors or even sports teams! You’ll notice that the recipe calls for almond extract. to 400°F. I have been trying to find recipes to help me learn and this one was great. It was not too hard and simple ingredients I already had. 1/4 teaspoon salt. 1 teaspoon peppermint extract Pinwheel cookies are simply gorgeous and delicious by the way as well. If you like lemon curd or jam, you can also fill these with your favorite! I’ve been making the same Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for almost 12 years and a few years ago I simply added some white chocolate chips and red n’ green sprinkles to give them a Christmas-y twist. Share Print. I noticed that 2 other comments asked if you can substitute margarine. ... Pinwheel cookies. But you can use this dough rolling technique to make any combination of colors or flavors! I always like mine as chocolate and vanilla swirls, just the way my grandmother made them. Add almond extract, salt, and egg and mix until combined, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed. 1/2 cup crushed candy canes or peppermint candies. My family are all huge fans of chocolate cookies, like chocolate crinkle cookies and Andes Mint cookies, but sometimes it is nice to change things up and make cookies that aren’t chocolate. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate. They do sound delicious. chocolate chips. I read through previous reviews on this recipe before making it and I decided to make a few alterations. Share Pin. I use blue and red for the 4th of July, but you can make these for ANY holiday: In case you were wondering, you can put sprinkles on sugar cookies before baking – the result is that the sugar bakes into the cookie dough, giving it a crunchy filling! Mar 2, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Sarah Outeiral. pkg. Cook. milk 1/2 tsp. mix all of the dough with 1/2 cup of cocoa. Thank you. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Why you’ll love these Pinwheel Cookies: Simple ingredients: There’s nothing fancy about the ingredients in these cookies, you’ll have most things already on hand. Trim excess dough into a rectangle and run a rolling pin lightly over the dough to ensure they stick together. Regardless of which chilling method you use, it will much easier for you to slice the cookies later for baking. Quick: It … Can you use margarine instead for this recipe? If you’re looking for the perfect cookie recipe, try my Pinwheel Cookies. Roll into 15 x 18 inch rectangle (just pat it out and don't … I topped this pumpkin skillet cookie with Coconut Bliss Ice Cream, mini chocolate chips and my new maple cinnamon candied pecans. Now, when you’re making a cookie recipe that has few ingredients and is like a sugar or shortbread cookie, you want to use the best ingredients. 9 minutes. But – if you’re allergic or don’t like almond flavor you can switch it out. I recommend MINI chocolate chips because otherwise the dough will be too lumpy. Divide the dough into two portions and shape each portion into a cylinder about 1 1/2-inches in diameter. See more ideas about pinwheel cookies, cookies, pinwheels. (You can also use a hand mixer.) Wrap rolls in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator until firm, about 1 hour (overnight is fine). I was able to make three different wheels with this recipe. It was high time to give my favorite cookies the attention they deserve! A little crispy along the edges. These remind me of those cookies you make with leftover pie dough, the ones where you sprinkle cinnamon sugar on the scraps, roll them up and bake them. Pinwheel cookies are one of those recipes that seems a lot harder than it really is — in reality, these are pretty darn easy. La Take a serrated knife and cut each of the rolls into 6 pieces to form 12 cookies. Cool 1 minute on cookie sheet and then remove to a cooling rack. These easy pinwheel cookies are one of my favorite vehicles for the combo. Remove from heat and add 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla and 1 cup flour. Forget chocolate chip! Reynolds Kitchens® Tips. Pinwheel Cookies are an easy sugar cookie recipe rolled up with a filling like spiral cookies! And for me, they are full of wonderful nostalgic, childhood memories. The possibilities are endless! Chocolate pinwheel cookies are as soft and delicious as they are fun to make. Working on one rectangle of dough at a time, sprinkle half the cinnamon sugar on each before rolling up. Chocolate Pistachio Pinwheel Cookies are an impressive looking cookie that tastes great and fits in well with the festive green celebrated on St. Patricks Day! You really can taste the difference when you bake with Challenge! Using a sharp knife, cut into 12 pieces, approximately all the same thickness. Sometimes you see pinwheel cookies with different color doughs (red layered with white or chocolate layered with vanilla) and you can definitely make that recipe from this dough too! Repeat with remaining strips of dough to form 4 logs. Inspired by the ever-popular Christmas cookie exchanges, these Double Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies are sure to be a hit this holiday season. Chocolate Walnut Pinwheel Cookies. If I had to choose one sweet treat to live with for the rest of my life it would be Chocolate Chip Cookies! While these chocolate pistachio cookies may seem difficult, they are actually really easy to make! They are the perfect combination of delicious, fun to make, and unique enough to stand out in a sea of chocolate chip cookies recipes. I’m excited to once again participate in The Sweetest Season Cookie Exchange, a cookie-based fundraiser for pediatric cancer. 1 batch sugar cookies, recipe follows. For a little refresher, CLICK HERE to learn a little more about the organization, my own research background in pediatric cancer, and why you should consider donating to this great charity! Challenge chocolate chip cinnamon Lemon sugar cookie, Your email address will not be published. Reynolds Kitchens Tip. They’re baked on an upside-down muffin tin and then they’re ready to serve with your favorite filling: pudding, ice cream, whipped cream, or … So much fun for the holidays! These slice-and-bake chocolate pinwheel cookies make a wonderfully festive treat and kids love them. For more information, read my disclosure policy. These might not look like anything but chocolate chip cookies but those peppermint chips add so much flavor – they are seriously our favorite cookies! 3 ounces unsweetened chocolate, melted. Divide the dough into two pieces after mixing for easier handling. Fret not: it’s easy! All the fun holiday cookies call my name and I get a twitterpated. I can tell. Tag @crazyforcrust on Instagram or hashtag it #crazyforcrust, Nutritional information not guaranteed to be accurate. 3/4 teaspoon baking powder. These mint chocolate pinwheel cookies would hold their own on such a table and, I'm sure, disappear very quickly. Add eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition, followed by the vanilla. I received products from sponsor companies for the creation of my Christmas Cookies Week recipes. My absolute most favorite cookies ever are my aunt’s pinwheel cookies. Exclusive Member of Mediavine Food. Chocolate-Mint Pinwheel cookies studded with Andes Mint chocolate chips- chocolate and sugar cookies spiraled together make for a very festive cookie! They are perfect for cookie platters or keep them for yourself to enjoy through the holiday season. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Lay the cookies cut side down on a baking sheet. I have been looking for a chocolate pinwheel cookie recipe that calls for cocoa instead of chocolate chips or baking chocolate … (And there’s a really great chewy chocolate mint cookie recipe on the other side of that link too, in case you need a little extra motivation to click.). Here are four different pinwheel cookie variations that we love to make: cinnamon sugar, chocolate chip, colorful sugar for any holiday, and lemon curd or jam! Deselect All. In fact, we don’t even buy margarine at all anymore. These certainly aren’t your average sugar cookie, and the chocolate and pistachio flavors pairView Recipe Or how about adding coconut extract and flakes of coconut to the vanilla dough? We’ll chill three times in this recipe: Because there’s so much chilling involved, these are perfect cookies to break up and make over several days (or weeks – or months!). Chocolate pinwheel cookies are a fairly straightforward recipe to make, but they do require time to chill in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2-3 hours or overnight. Christmas baking is seriously my favorite time of year. Chocolate pinwheel cookies are as soft and delicious as they are fun to make. Store in an airtight container for up to 3 days or freeze for up to one month. Lift the long edge of the dough up from the counter using a bench scraper or spatula. The cookie dough is actually a combination of sugar cookie and a spiral shortbread cookie; there’s a lot of butter and sugar but no leavening. Sift together flour, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl. Exclusive Member of Mediavine Food. Cover the top with another sheet of wax paper or plastic wrap. Roll each cylinder in the finely chopped nuts. This post may contain affiliate links. You can make them in so many different variations (the chocolate chip is my favorite) and they’re the best holiday cookie recipe! Start to roll the dough away from you, carefully rolling both sides of the dough. Cover and place in fridge for 3-6 hours - or your freezer for 30-60 minutes. Basically, these cookies are a sugar cookie that you roll. Dip edge of cookies in melted chips; roll in crushed candies. Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies Recipe admin Chocolate March 27, 2014. Pick two colors of colored sugar (i.e. I … But, now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, you can grab a mixer and get started. Place each cookie on the baking sheet. They’re one of my favorite cookie recipes of all time, seriously. Stack the dough on top of each other (it does not matter which flavor is on top). I’ve never made pinwheel cookies before and I’d like to have a little tutorial before I try. Alongside the pecans are some toffee chips and mini chocolate chips all tossed in brown sugar and cinnamon. Mix ¼ cup granulated sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. Using a double boiler or a microwave on low power, melt the chocolate, stirring until smooth. Welcome to Crazy for Crust, where I share recipes that are sometimes crazy, often with a crust, and always served with a slice of life. Because there is no baking soda or baking powder in these cookies, they don’t spread. I have been making these easy pinwheel cookies for years! All text and images © DOROTHY KERN for Crazy for Crust. Challenge Dairy is a California company, based in the Bay Area, where I grew up. Repeat with the second half of dough. Directions. Discover (and save!) Over 100 Christmas Cookie Recipes to serve this holiday! It a huge difference in flavor and consistency. Now that I know how it is actually done, I don’t know what I waiting on! Slice rolls of cookie dough into 1/4-inch slices. Slice rolls of cookie dough into 1/4-inch slices. Gently press down on the Mini Chocolate Chips to embed them into the cookie dough. Preheat the oven to 350ºF. These Keto Chocolate Pinwheel cookies are made from marzipan and can be baked or not! And then sprinkle them with the mini chocolate chips. Home » Cookies » Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies. Roll into 8 x 15 inch rectangle. This is the best Christmas cookie recipe! 1 tsp vanilla extract. Red velvet cookies stuffed with cream cheese. 20 delicious cookie recipes – from custard yo-yos to a tiramisu sandwich. This latest recipe is a spin on the traditional pinwheel cookie recipe using puff pastry. This is an amazing cookies, looks soo good and sound too delicious dorothy..this is one of my favorite cookie of all time….can’t wait to try it…Thanks for sharing a beautiful recipe….!

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