Bees and wasps are common uninvited guests to a camping trip. Use this natural bee repellent on your skin and keep them away without hurting them.

There is nothing worse than a bee sting ruining your fun on a camping or hiking trip. You can’t even relax on your own patio in some times of the year because of these annoying insects.

You can use aggressive methods to get rid of them but this is never recommended. If you fail to do this on your first try, you can have the whole hive coming at you.

albert-einstein-bee-killerIt is not difficult to make your own natural bee repellent to keep your pets, kids, plants and even yourself safe. Keep in mind that bees are also an important part of our ecosystem. This is why we promote methods to repel them without causing harm.

Learn How to Make a Natural Bee Repellent

An easy and fast way to repel bees from your plants and garden is to use cucumber peels. They have a smell that bees just can’t stand. Place some bits of cucumber around your plants and garden and soon you will stop listening the buzzing of bees.

If you are looking to protect yourself with a spray, we suggest you to try this bee repellent for skin. You are only going to need:

By mixing up a single tablespoon of vanilla extract with water in a sprayer bottle, you will have a pretty good natural protection against bees. The baby oil is recommended in case that you don’t feel comfortable with the vanilla’s smell.

Now we continue with a bee deterrent for patio that also works indoors. The trick here is to spread cinnamon in areas that you intend to protect from bees.

seicosy trap beesIt is really important that you keep using these natural homemade repellents every day for at least a week. This will give you long lasting results and it is going to force the bee hive to move somewhere else.

Another really effective product that works against bees, wasps and hornets, is this Seicosy Trap. Just fill it with a simple mixture of sugar and water and you are good to go.

Just hang this trap on the area that you want to protect and it will do all the job for you. The only thing you need to do is to clean the bee trap every two nights.

We can’t recommend you a strong bee killer because there is just too much risk involved. Always contact a pest control service or even your local firefighting department if you want to entirely eliminate a hive from your area.

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