Learn how to get rid of the mice in your house with this homemade mouse repellent. Forget about that pest with this natural and pet-friendly method.


Mice are real trouble and you might find them in almost any house. Once they are in it is difficult to get them out.

You need to take care of them quickly before they reproduce.

We have shown you before how to make an easy homemade mouse trap with only a couple of household materials.

These traps are not harmful to the animal and they allow you to dispose of it in a proper way.

We present you with this method so you can prepare your organic homemade mouse repellent to sprinkle around.

Because some people do not want to have any contact with the mouse at all. Not even with the dead mice from commercial traps.

How to Make a Natural Homemade Mouse Repellent

First of all, you need to gather the necessary materials for this DIY project. You are going to need: corn cob, Balsam Fir essential oil and lightweight fabric.

The process of making this mouse repellent is really simple.

You can do this in a small bowl or a cup. Fill it with corn cob and then pour the essential oil until it covers all the cobs. You might want to use a transparent recipient to check on this.

Mice can’t stand the scent of the Balsam Fir, they hate it and run as far as possible from it.

Once the corn cob has absorbed as much oil as possible, sprinkle them in any place you want to protect from mice. Places like: under the furniture, under the fridge, holes on the wall, basement, garages, and attics.

If you don’t want to create a mess with the corn, you can also use the fabric to create small pouches and put the corn inside. Don’t worry, the smell will pass through the fabric.

Just remember that the scent will fade out after a couple of months so you might want to replace the corn with a new batch of homemade mouse repellent.

Remember that the important part of this tutorial is the Balsam Fir scent. You might also want to make a spray as we have shown you in the other homemade repellent tutorials.