Snakes are always danger around your house. Learn how to make this homemade snake repellent that will keep them away from you, your kids and your pets. This is a natural method that does not involve the use of dangerous or poisonous chemicals.


Some people decide not to make a great deal about the snakes around their homes or even for having them in their own backyard.

It is true that some breeds such as the corn snakes, ball pythons or milk snakes are not poisonous but we think that it is not worth the risk.

Why waiting for a dangerous one to appear and bite us or one of our family members.

We provide you here with a safe way to protect yourself and your surroundings from the snakes.

You just need to prepare this homemade snake repellent spray. You are going to need:

  1. Clove oil.
  2. Cinnamon oil.
  3. Spray bottle.

The only thing you need to do to create this homemade spray is to mix the clove oil and the cinnamon oil in a 50/50 combination inside the spray bottle.

This means that if you use 200ml. of clover oil, you must also use 200ml. of cinnamon oil.

As you can notice, these two natural oils are not dangerous or poisonous. This means that it can be safely used even inside your house or around your pets.

Snakes can’t stand the smell of cinnamon or clover. The combination of these two products will make them stay as far as possible from your area.

Use the spray around your house, your yard and dog houses. It is recommended that you share with your neighbors this homemade snake repellent recipe so they can also help to protect the whole street or neighborhood.

We suggest you apply the spray once every other week and right after heavy rain.

Some people decide to use also cinnamon air fresheners inside their homes but we can’t guarantee the effectiveness of this technique. The oils are used because of the lasting effect of the smell and the impact on the scales of the snake.

Alternative Homemade Snake Repellent

You can also prepare a simple snake repellent using the mixture of clove oil with cat litter. Then pour this mixture around the area that you want to protect.

The cat litter sticks to the snake’s scales and as they can’t stand the smell they retreat immediately by instinct.

Remember that the methods that the method that we provide you here is to create a homemade repellent. We don’t encourage you to make direct contact with any kind of snakes.

In case of being attacked by a poisonous breed seek for medical attention as fast as possible. Remember to share this article with your friends so you can help to increase awareness about this danger.