Simple to Make Homemade Bed Bug Traps

The bedbugs can be a real danger in your house. If you want to catch them and prevent an infestation make use of our homemade bed bug traps and intercept them before they grow into a colony.

Make use of our homemade bed bug traps and intercept them before they make a big infestation in your house. The bed bugs can be a real danger inside your house.

The bed bugs are parasites that feed on blood. They prefer human blood above others. They obtain their name because they prefer warm habitats, especially nearby or inside of the beds.

They are more active at night and usually feed on their hosts without being noticed. Bed bugs are not responsible to transmit pathogens but they can cause serious skin problems and allergic reactions.

Do I Really Need Homemade Bed Bug Traps?

The homemade bed bug traps will also help you to identify if you have bed bugs in your house or not.homemade-bed-bug-traps

We recommend you to use them a couple of days at least to know if you have this problem in your furniture. The materials that you are going to need are:

  • A small plastic container where the legs of your bed will fit in.
  • A larger plastic container where the smaller container will fit in.
  • Rough surface tape
  • Glue
  • Baby Powder

Space pieces of tape in the small container to form across from the edge to the bottom. Then use the glue to paste it in the center of the larger container.

After that, put rough tape on the inner edge of all the small container and finally put baby powder on the inside walls of the large container.

The rough tape is placed to make it easier to the bugs to climb so they get down your bed and then left with no escape in your homemade bed bug traps.

The baby powder is used to make the walls of the plastic container smoother so the bugs will slip and won’t go back up.

It is necessary to place one of these homemade bed bug traps in each one of the legs of your bed. Remember to check them daily. If you happen to find bed bugs inside, do not touch them.

You can kill them with alcohol and then place the traps once again or if the problem is really big there would be best to contact an expert to handle the insect problem.