About Us

Of course there are a lot of comercial traps that you can buy in a hardware store. These traps can be a solution for your pest problems around your house. But sometimes those traps can have a deadly result for the animal or may contain toxic ingredients that can affect you and your family.

This website homemadeanimaltraps.com is focused on teaching you how you can make use of household materials to create traps. Allowing you to show your keen mind and your hunter instinct at his best. We focus on providing you the best homemade animal traps using natural materials that will never harm you neither your family memebers. Also, when possible, we try to not harm the animal as the wild life is a precious thing.

This website is mantained by ads and sometimes we promote certain product but we do not sell a thing. We just get a small comition for promoting it. We hope you enjoy the fantastic animal traps that we have to share for you. Enjoy!