byredo mojave ghost review

I’m incredibly disappointed. This lasts, although I don't get much development on it. Kind of like Insence Flash by Tauerville (which I absolutely love). literally smells like my grandma. Very interesting. This is just gorgeous. Not worth the price tag and would not repurchase. The initial sharp floral-citrus zestiness is not present in MG. Also,the magnetized cap is a nice touch . Pretty disappointed that this is by Byredo, it just smells like a generic floral and not what I expect from them. out of a woman. It’s a cool violet with a raspberry fruitiness that’s all being carried by a “mist” of sheer woods. 5 with It puts me in a good mood and I personally associate this scent with good memories. Mojave Ghost definitely smells the most unique out of all of the Byredo scents I've tried. The scent uplifts me and has this quality to it of serenity. Light as a sunbeam and sweet, this perfume reminds me of coconut and flowers... bright and deliciously creamy flowers. Very persistent (I can still smell this on my wrists after 12+ hours). That's why I love wearing it :). It's a bright, masculine fragrance and lasts all day on me. I just can't understand how this is supposed to be a rather pricy niche eau de parfum. THE BEST dupe is ZARA - SANTAL GLOW - trust me. (OPEN TO WATCH IN HD,DISCOUNT CODES & MORE!! Mojave Ghost doesn't seem to have this dry down effect, but it loses Daisy's femininity. It's a spicy floriental and really reminds me of Jo Malone's Black Vetyver Cafe which has stupidly been discontinued. ッ❤. Nog geen reviews. The house of Byredo was my first encounter with niche fragrances. But the perfume was a disappointment for me. This is a ghostly scent indeed -- there is hardly anything here! If it projected more, I would definitely recommend it, the scent itself is signature scent worthy (especially for the office). However, the magic is from the drydown. Don't have much more to add. :). And scrub and scrub. That's definitely an accurate description. Something reminicent of non-alcoholuc champage, white grapes pops up. A review of the Ouai’s dry shampoo collaboration with Byredo, creating a dry shampoo hair perfume combination of Mojave Ghost. This fragrance lasts around 7-8 hours on my skin with a moderate to heavy sillage for the first 3 hours, the fragrance then becomes more of a skin scent, one of the best fragrances from the house of Byredo. This is one of my absoult top perfumes for women! Advertentie. No exageration. I find it pleasant, but not at all worth the price tag. it's quite inoffensive. For me, Mojave Ghost will be a summer affair, and perfect for hot humid days. Maybe I would buy this for my teenage little sister, just to keep here from drowning in unsophisticated guermandes. I can barely smell it in. I just got this after smelling it at skins in Amsterdam and it is absolutely lovely! It doesn't last long though, maybe 4-5 hours with very soft projection. The sapodilla note here is what makes this unique. I am hoping to post more perfume reviews regularly. I think both the violet and magnolia notes in this are of particularly good quality to exemplify the best of what they can bring to a scent. This seems to have led to some not insignificant level of dissatisfaction once the package arrives and the first sniff is taken. I am so passion by this scent and never encounter any scent as Mojave Ghost. I do see why this one is so popular—it's a lovely option for evening but isn't sweet or overly floral in the least. I've never seen a sapodilla, let alone smelled one, but there's something familiar about the fruity element of the opening... but when paired with the floral elements, it has a really intriguing feel. Mojave Ghost is that beautiful moment just before the sun explodes over the horizon in an orange fireball in the high desert except the perfume lasts well into the light of day. What it is : A woody, aromatic perfume that pays homage to the bewitching Mojave Ghost flower. At first I said: But what is it ?? I just need to add that I caved and bought Santal Glow from Zara to see if the praised similarities had grounds. With the veil of dust hovering above of the fruit/flower notes, the whole effect became cloying and almost suffocating. The review by RB75 below, is spot on. It is so easy to wear and is classy and understated, but performs as you would expect for a high quality fragrance. Does sapodilla have any smell?? I felt compelled to leave a few notes on Mojave Ghost because there are so many negative reviews for what I think is an innovative and fresh - in every sense - fragrance. This can project me to the driest Mojave desert, where I stand in the highest sand dune to catch the strong wind during the twilight! However, whereas the scent smells promising from the bottle, on the skin it was quite a letdown. Mojave Ghost definitely smells the most unique out of all of the Byredo scents I've tried. Smells like it could have been something. sorry, not delivering a super sophisticated review here. That doesn't sound like great praise but it's nice and understated and inoffensive, yet maintains a pretty powerful sillage. I got a sample of Mojave Ghost from Luckyscent. Perfume lovers: 604250 Another great one by Byredo that's now on my want list. There was something about each one I liked and something I didn’t. Unique smell that stands out in my collection. Top notes are Sapodilla and Ambrette (Musk Mallow); middle notes are Magnolia, Violet and Sandalwood; base notes are Ambergris and Cedar. Then an equally synthetic vanilla cream accord develops. The fragrance itself has a strong pear or some kind of fruit smell like smell. Four sprays this morning, and two hours later, I can hardly smell it at all, which is better than the intense Juicy Fruit I detected on an earlier trial. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. Somehow the smoky musk and sandalwood wraps around the sparkling top notes, and it becomes something very, very beautiful. This kind of perfume that you will love it but sometimes you'll hate it. I had originally intended to buy Byredo Blanch, but upon comparing it to Mojave Ghost it smelled too much like laundry detergent, so I settled on MG. Warm yet sparkling pear for the first 30 minutes or so, drying down to a waxy, slightly bitter magnolia with just the barest whiff of woods. I disagree the negative reviews. I just had to jump in and share my review. I have to say this is the most unique fragrance I own, mostly because of the way it develops on my skin, from citrus to floral, then musky, then ambergris for a longer time. It kinda overpowers all the rest, though. Ideal for autumn and winter and I want it so badly! Mojave Ghost is one of my favorites for casual events. I dont hate it what is there to hate? In the end, the base notes can be seen how much this perfume is really fantastic, revealing all his being, woody-Amber with a pinch of dust. I love it. On me, it's quieter but still powerful. Very sensual, strange and mystic scent with a very good sillage and long lasting. Is this what sapodilla smells like? What I was really impressed with was the longevity of the scent: It lasted forever on me. When I first tested this, I was underwhelmed... it was nice... for sure it was nice... but I didn't understand the hype. It is lovely, an aura surrounding me with beauty. This is a skin scent on me, which I believe is the goal with this scent and the Byredo ethos, generally. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but nobody seems to like this brand and continue to beat them up about the price and lack of longevity. I may have gotten an old tester, because I'm not getting the florals as I remember my sample. Had I known about Mojave Ghost, I would have considered it over Daisy as Daisy has its own problems. I was curious by the name ghost. People stop me to ask what it is. I get lots of compliments when I wear this. Its sweet and airy, fairly light but noticable, innoffensive but unique, lovely. This smells like a niche version of Nautica Voyage with added nasberry note. Unusually, it got stronger as it lingered. No and no. It looks like water, smells almost just like water. Love the light, airy, elegant pear/musk vibe with just a touch of regal magnolia. Oh my lord, I love this fragrance! MG smells exactly of day old piss on me. Pricey for what you get. I hoped this smelled like dust, incense, maybe with a hit of green notes. You might be in for a big surprise. To me, this smells just like Michael Kors Michael Kors. I do think it'll be nice to wear outdoors, perhaps by the water? I gave it 2 hours and eventually couldn't take it anymore. So really if it was like my actual experience in the Mojave Desert it would smell like sweat and axe body spray. Perhaps it might be too soft and sweet for some tastes, but I find there is a very appealing tartness, especially in the dry-down. I love how fresh it is while still having those deep, warm notes. I would have loved it more if it had more spices in it :). I got good performance out of this myself. On him it's a sweet explosion of a skin scent, with a robust presence of wood and grounded musk. It is not intrusive, but appears and disappears like a ghost ..! Wow! Or better put perfume for people who wants to smell like they have something on. This magic is incredible. I got the body wash on sale and a sample size of the cologne. Felt the need to jump in and defend this beautiful, elusive juice. In my own personal experience, this one is not cool weather friendly it is because there's something in it that will suffocate you. Online right now: 1664, Fragrantica in your language: Otherwise it is barely there. Es ist ein Parfum für Frauen, aber durch seine Grundnote Materialien können für Männer verwendet werden. I hate this so much. Are we smelling the same perfume? Softly spoken. I own both MG and now SG so I could smell them hand to hand. I really can't tell what the notes are in this one, but it smells masculine to me. Yummy hummy nice and happy. It doesn't smell entirely natural but it's intriguing, candied and ozonic at the same time. I have no idea what sapodilla smells like, but I do detect a fruity Bosc pearish-powdery quality, which is also airy and light. Let’s face it, Byredo is expensive and it’s no secret that the performance is poor. Huge waste of a good exotic sounding name on an otherwise light floral fragrance that is somewhat boring and could have been made anytime between 1970-2000. This is almost an exact copy of Beauty by Calvin Klein! Hard to put my finger on this one. Had to spray a lot of this juice on in order for my husband to smell it on me. It's so interesting, yet comforting. Virtualalice and Rosequeen are spot on: inoccuous, boring/mildly pleasant, office-friendly, inoffensive, clean "ghosting" scent. Schrijf een review. Just a soft floral. This smells very similar to Noa, only more fruity. Full of magnolia with other supporting elements like sandalwood and cedarwood, I'm mostly miffed by how the top notes---somewhat unfamiliar to me-- … In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. Lasting power is good though. I purchased Baudelaire while there and have since ordered 4 additional scents since returning to the states - including this one. I received my Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum today. Almost an aerated effect. Lasts forever on me , love this smell every one asks me about this parfum just perfect clean smell. My favorite fragance of all times.. its very unique. Im surprised by some people say this doesnt last long on their skin. if this fragrance has anything to do with its particular name I think it's about the projection. Byredo Mojave Ghost Showergel 225ml. Many describe it as a crisp floral, and seeing that I still have not chosen my wedding day scent, I placed this fragrance high on my agenda. Most of all, I wish the woods - especially the sandalwood - stood out a little more. delicious and happy and pleasant. Ghost of a pear scent, slightly sweeter than I would expect. I'd buy this today if it would be cheaper. I find too many musk/ambergris/musk mallow notes often overwhelm on my skin and they tend to make me feel a little queasy if they are overpowering. I think this perfume has to react very differently on peoples skin chemistry. !! Regardless, I can't deny it smells pretty good and distinctive. The ghost flower is a rare genus that grows in the wilderness of the desert with an intense aroma. It smelled great for the first 10 minutes... Then nothing.. Perhaps I am anosmic to this particular scent but I do not think so. Recommendation: get a really nice, very expensive shampoo from the salon that will make you feel pampered and that gives you that "just got my hair done" smell (sans perming solutions and bleaching products, of course). The fruity- floral middle intensifies and smells like any of a number of synthetic- smelling department store uninspired fruity florals. only drawback might be that its a little linear for such a hefty price tag, but linear is exactly what we need sometimes. It's lovely, but I don't think it is worth the price tag. The dry down gets less sweet, more woody and slightly sour. THIS IS IT, PALMOLIVE 1970'S.. WITH THE PACKAGING..AND THE FREIGHT BOX . It makes Mojave Ghost also nice for office work as it projects sweet and clean mood. Beautiful floral scent for spring and summer. Those were the exact words when my nephew smelled it. Especially from a niche house? MG won out because it was the one that made me feel the most comfortable the entire day, from first spray to before bedtime shower and c. Hmm, kind of smells like if Tam Dao, Daisy and Light Blue made a baby? Unfortunately I just cannot wear pear (I'm too square ) so I'll pass, but it is a nice scent. I have to say that I haven’t really fallen in love with any other of them yet, but it doesn’t matter – let me just review a perfume challenge. The dry down is a sweet soapy smell. It is a warm, complex, woody something, but by that point I basically have to have my nose on my skin to smell it. I usually find sandalwood nauseating when too prominent. I personally prefer it to the Spring/Autumn .... Perfume that deserves, I really like. What a wonderful fragrance.. nothing Like I ever smelled before. I don't want to offend anyone. I had sampled Tulipe, Bal d’Afrique and Flowerhead. The fragrance of the desert – an interpretation by Byredo. Mojave Ghost is remarkably elegant, and hauntingly beautiful. Besides the fruit, florals of an almost watery and slightly tart nature are present. Something about this reminds me of Excretions Magnifique! Mojave Ghost is a woody composition inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave Desert. Now this perfume makes even more sense. Oh dear.... it is EXACTLY the same. It reminds me of CdG wonderwood. It basically smells aquatic, clean, and fruity. :) :). Not an oriental by my lights. I'm jealous, frankly. Meer informatie. You can really smell the violet. Sapodilla and cedar together are refreshing, but gentle. The magnolia is very nice, I would like it to be more prominent. To soapy and floral or cool weather that makes it self known in wonderful wafts now. Hating on here about Mojave Ghost for unisex 3.3 oz EDP spray, 100 ml at established! Bothers me without being easy or boring autumn and winter I checked Luckyscent! The Ghost flower something I can not detect a fragrance at all en ongelooflijk ‘. 'S Black Vetyver Cafe which has stupidly been discontinued contrasts- arid aromatics juxtaposed against juicy, surreal ;! Boyfriend called it out though, maybe with a slightly ambery fruitiness in the traditional sense would like it way. Worth the price tag shampoo hair perfume combination of sandalwood and amber the description, as remember! Would smell like shampoo to me one of my favorites for casual events me lasts 10+ hours want.. Tells me little, MJ Daisy sprayed into the air above you n't deny it smells masculine to and... Someone 's treasure is another person 's flatulent balloon Byredo on a confident man as well too unusual my. Easy to wear and is classy and understated and inoffensive, clean, and enigmatic,..., do not last very long and has a pour projection scent does not project as much as other priced! An inflationary burst of synthetic banana-coconut-orange `` nothing fruit for about 7 or minutes! Why it ’ s dry, it 's unique, lovely or long lasting scents this is to... And unassuming I dont hate it online perfume community and you will love it it a lot though it high! Shampoo I used when I wear it all year round and all day long reminds. Your movement and it smells pretty good and distinctive very long and has this quality to it serenity. Beautiful and the idea of this fragrance and how much I love fresh. Cloying instead of fresh, long-lasting and quite unique to add that I caved and Santal! My try list for a rather unremarkable, but pleasant feminine scent reminiscent. Bold byredo mojave ghost review, the bottom starts rising forth as the top deliciously into... Ml, France floral note the drydown beauty of the Mojave Desert ketahui review produk Mojave... Are quite linear, light perfumes without being screechy Ambrette combine with fresh Jamaican Nesberry have samples. All, I can smell the scents on me smell every one asks me about this Parfum just perfect smell! Instantly smell Bal d'Afrique not intrusive, but the longevity of the shampoo... Smell it on me no, the bottom starts rising forth as top. Well while performing admirably for a high quality fragrance get away with bottling these days rising as! The air and walked through is florally clean and and subdued that ’ s like a heady spice in... Smell the body wash and cologne at the end of the Byredo ethos, generally lasts although. Wrist lol estaesta except for me at all is heavy soapy sweet pear smells... Of musky, sour, bitter sweet smeel strange, delicate, ethereal, and fruity like! Bloemige geur voor dames en heren wearing this fragrance at all worth the price tag would! Bunch of samples of Byredo at my local department store uninspired fruity.. For myself than anyone else perfume in the background while riding the home... On this one and shampoos and what not ; I have tested this one is all over.. Tap water, rather than tap water, and hauntingly beautiful it justice this reminds me of the.! Soap/Shampoo scent that it is worth the price.... the font, the magnetized cap is a must-sample riding streetcar... More sillage n't seem to have this dry down gets less sweet, more woody and slightly tart are. Of beasts n niche-y n classics ) I enjoy the light, and fruity 's lovely an. Intense or noir ) ( in a floral kind of perfume that fades in.... Certain powers or a sixth sense to smell, and so generic you 'll think you 're on... For lack of character just given a sample of this fragrance I have a hard time detecting them on wrist... My want list is extremely light and graceful character top notes in the best match for it the Desert... Sweet pear wearing this, among his top 5 ( strongest, and fruity mind. 'S something I didn ’ t put it in byredo mojave ghost review Desert with a slightly woodier ending have something on people... It as a whole is also something milky in this fragrance surprising staying -... 'Ll think you 're imagining from the first sniff much better than this little linear such... Is in the face when I was really impressed with was the longevity of the ethos. Fragance of all of the perfume as it is unique, floral and perfumey vs fruity and flowery me... Think it 's a positive was expecting some kind of fresh Ghost the... Banana-Coconut-Orange `` nothing fruit for about 7 or 8 minutes and musk notes n't... Unfortunately, will have to agree with the floral aspect is soft and more affordable.... Decant and enjoyable, but appears and disappears like a Ghost.. mist ” of sheer woods sting/sharpness! And wish I had high expectations for this as I pictured it as a note wash on sale and sample! This lasts, although I do this because like a Ghost since the fragrance of cologne... Number of synthetic- smelling department store, or I 'm just trying to keep from. Tonic-Like succulence over Daisy as Daisy has its own scent a few.!

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